Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brandon's B-Day!

If you follow our blog you probably remember Brandon, Mikey and Emma, our great nephews and niece who visit our ranch every year. Brandon is the oldest and he is a great helper. Here he is fueling the Kubota, picking blackberries, being a giant gerbil while setting up our hay ring, and last but not least, Brandon and his family always bring a big Costco bag of carrots and a lot of love for the donkeys,and Charlie. Charlie is Brandon's favorite equine on the ranch.

Smile Brandon cause it is your birthday! We hope you have a very, very, very happy day.


  1. Happy Birthday, Brandon!

    You're blessed to have such neat relatives who live in such a great place.


  2. My Brandon, what big teeth you have, my dear!!

    Great pictures and Happy Birthday Brandon!!

  3. Lovely teeth! Are they his permanent?

    Happy birthday!

  4. Yes indeed, I think we have a tie for #1 commenters. M has once again pulled a rabbit out of a hat. You are so funny, you know. Mark is too, but I was born humor impaired, which is funny too in a way.

  5. You are not humor impaired in the slightest. I love "listening" to you.

    Please let the record state that I have commented twice on this one post to Dan's one misely comment.

    love ya


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