Friday, September 19, 2008

First Rain

The thunder roared, the lightening flashed and the rain came down. Wouldn't you just know that we had 6 tons of hay to quickly get into the barn as well as rushing to get our summer bed in and out of the rain. But oh, how wonderful it is to hear the rain fall down to quench the thirst of this land. Our hearts are full.

"He will give the rain for your land in its season, the early and late rain, that you may gather in your grain and your new wine and oil. He will give grass in your fields for your cattle, and you will eat and be satisfied." -from the Bible, Deuteronomy 11:14,15


  1. Tj couldn't have known, but the scripture I focused on this morning before leaving to stack the hay was Isaiah 44:3 "For I will give you abundant water to quench your thirst and to moisten your parched fields. And I will pour out my Spirit and my blessings on your children."
    We receive the blessings with joy and even glee, yet the sorrow and trials of recent days must also be acknowledged. I think that only with eternity in the balance can we really compare our lives to a garden. With seasons and pruning and rain and sunshine all contributing to bounty.
    I believe that we currently live in eternity, yet I can only feel time. And this time, today, feels great! We have hay in the barn, a fire in the hearth, the land is being watered, and our family is healthy. mark

  2. Not only is this a fantastic shot, both of you have such talent for writing and sharing your lives. I love stopping in here- even if I dont take the time to comment much, as every visit leaves me with a smile and helps keep the feeling of peace going in our small corner of the world also.

    TJ- I will MAKE time to help out a fellow horse lover- have no fear of that. Please, if you would, email us a slew of pictures of that hoof, front, side, and sole view, and one of his complete body from the side. (Not only do I just want to see the horse, ;) it will help Dear Husband and I in sorting out a possible course of action for you.) My email is

    Thanks again for such a fantastic blog you two....

  3. Wonderful thoughts, including your comment, Mark. I especially agree that we currently live in eternity (if we have accepted the gift that makes that possible). Jesus called it the kingdom of God. It's like being invited to walk into a moving river and seeing where the flow takes us.

    Well said both of you.


  4. Is that your back yard? It is so beautiful!! I love the lilly pads!!

    I too am grateful for all that we are given. Wonderufl post, thank you for sharing. It has given me a chance to slow down on this crazy day!!

  5. Andrea, the photo was taken of our side yard and it is lovely. We live in this wonderful old house built in the 30's by some Italians the story goes and they put in the gold fish pond and the fountain and the grape arbor. The side yard used to be grass, but we decided to make it a little more and planted lavender, and flowers and some vegetables as well. This was our first summer to enjoy it... and we did. Thanks for noticing.

    Mrs Mom, we sent you the email with photos,( I think I might have gotten carried away with the photos!) but so far it has come back undeliverable. Perhaps your email is full? Will try again. Thanks for your help.

    Dan, as always we appreciate your friendship and words.

  6. that's a good way to get rain--have a bunch of hay sitting out. God has a great sense of humor!

    Beautiful comment, Mark.

  7. Oh, I want to be there enjoying the rain with you guys!

  8. Wonderwoman.... what!? You want to enjoy the rain. Aren't you in monsoon season? Haven't you had quite enough of the rain? LOL

  9. I also have a fire in the hearth thanks to you guys (and my guys!) Thanks for the firewood, the friendship and the fond memories that we are developing with your family. Memories here on the blog and at the ranch. Blessings!


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