Friday, September 5, 2008

Galloping Grace

It is sometimes odd doing a blog. You never really know who is reading. Except for those who comment regularly. You kind of figure that they might read it. One of our very favorite commenters and blogger friends is in need of some prayer right now. Max of "Max and Michelle" over at Galloping Grace found out his brain has something wrong with it as well as his heart being in need of open heart surgery. Apparently, he has just too big of a heart. But we knew that the moment we met him.

We met Max at a clinic Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch was putting on to teach folks like us how to start our own youth program. We are still thinking about it, but Max, he was in. He knew that he wanted to use horses to bring pure joy to kids of all ages. And that is just what he has been doing. And now Max and Michelle have been thrown a curve ball. So if you are the praying type, send some up for them today. Blessings.


  1. I read your guys' blog, and love it.
    I hope the best for your friends.

  2. Guys, thank you so much! That was just beautiful! Your prayers mean a lot to us! Love ya

  3. I had no idea Max was having problems. I am a bit behind on my blog reading! I will definately keep him in my prayers.

  4. Happened to be looking for Max and Michelle's Blog site and stumbled across Salmon Creek's Blog. Pretty cool ranch. Too bad your beef is not free-range beef! I was really lookin' forward to some free beef!

    TJ and Mark, Max and Michelle are friend's. Met Max several months ago and have been volunteering at Galloping Grace Youth Ranch. Awesome friends and people. It's a real blessing to be involved with Galloping Grace. Our prayers are with him and Michelle.

    Happen to know Dan and Betty Cooksey as well. Used to attend a church they attend.

    You all have a beautiful ranch. I used to live in the Puget Sound. Love Oregon and especially Eastern Oregon. Daughter still lives in Seattle. Maybe we'll meet someday.

  5. Hi Lynn, glad you found us. Thanks for commenting and for volunteering at Galloping Grace Youth Ranch. Max and Michelle are great people reaching out to help others and it must be rewarding to be a part of that. We hope to get out that way sometime in 2009, maybe we'll meet. Blessings-


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