Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy 14th Birthday Anna!

This is Anna. If you follow our blog you might remember Anna and her sister's post about the horse ride and the bear. Anna is being home schooled this year so one of her classes is a work experience/ag class with us. She is always willing to do anything we ask and she is a good quad rider and horse rider. She is a fine young lady. In this photo below you can see that she is also learning how to be a top notch ranch hand. Yep, I am teaching her well. You gotta always stop and enjoy the view! Redneck living at it's finest.

Have a great day Anna! With love, from all of us at the ranch.


  1. At first glance I thought she was sitting on a rock formation of some sort, then....then I saw it was a retro 70's style couch!! I love it!!!

    Happy Birthday Anna!! Awh to be 14 again. Sigh!

  2. Happy Birthday, Anna!

    You're blessed to be with good folks.


  3. Horses, quads and a couch on the hill top! Doesn't get much better than that. Where do I sign up?
    I have also seen pictures of some pretty good looking food.I have wrecked my share of equipment over the years, so I believe I am a perfect fit!!
    I don't know Anna, but I sure hope she had a Happy Birthday!

  4. We signed you up, Rick and Brenda. When should we expect you?

  5. Do you take the couch in and out or just leave it there? Great stuff!

    Happy birthday, Anna!

  6. M, the couch is Eric the Bold's, I think he plans on just leaving there. Mark plans on a bonfire.


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