Sunday, September 7, 2008

Photo Review of August

Each month we post some photos that we think capture something of the previous month. We then ask our readers to pick their favorite photo. Here is the selection for August.

Going Fishing

Man in the Woods

Glorious Sunset

Redneck Highway

Butt Heads

Flame Grapes


  1. "man in the woods" gets my vote. "buttheads" is a great photo as well!

  2. Whooops! I meant the flame grapes! And they taste as good as they look!
    How about a grape jelly making day, TJ?

  3. Buttheads definitely has the best caption. I can't stop grinning when I think about it. But Flame Grapes or Redneck Highway are both good photos, too.

  4. The man in the woods one is quite breathtaking but I am going to have to go with buttheads.

  5. i love "man in the woods" and "butt heads." they are all great.

  6. I like "man in the woods" I think he's looking for something.
    "Mark the Knight" with no horse.

  7. Flame Grapes gets my vote, Tell Mark to ask for you directions next time!!

  8. Oh I like the grapes and the sunset!! Those are beautiful. But there is nothing better than cold grapes on a hot summer day!

  9. i like gone fishing...

  10. All are good (as usual), but my vote goes for 'flame grapes.' The colors and composition are both excellent.


  11. Oh Chapmans!!!!
    I miss you!
    I love your ranch...thus, I also love the pictures of your ranch
    Oh, andI love that you still love each other ;-)

  12. I like "man in the woods". Shows off those lovely hills.

  13. "Buttheads" is my favorite. The cows are adorable, the caption hilarious and I love the softer 'look' of the picture.
    "Flame Grapes" is my second choice. I love the colors and the representation of the fall.


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