Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thank You Boyscouts!

The boyscouts once again came out to the ranch for a weekend campout. They hiked and swam at the falls and did other boy scout things too, I presume. But this time around I also wrangled them into stacking 4 cords of wood! Thank you very, very much. Your help is appreciated.


  1. How do we get them to stack wood - I mean visit - us?

  2. I'm with Rick and Brenda. Now, that Mark's brought the firewood over. I need to get my boys to stack it. I'm expecting wails and gnashing of teeth. Perhaps I can just borrow the boy scouts instead?

  3. I agree. The world needs more boy scouts. And willing leaders (those guys looked a little exhausted last night). I guess the praise goes beyond the Scout organization though... yesterday I witnessed Kym's young men falling two road-hazard trees (very professional stump shots, by the way) and creating a log bridge over a pond and firewood all in one afternoon! My crew of young men, meanwhile, has been producing two cords of firewood EACH every day for the past eight days! (I'm actually getting tired just hauling it away.) mark

  4. Hi, my name is Cindee, wife to Luis and Mother to Gabriel, one of the scouts who was out at your place this past weekend.
    Just wanted you to know they had a great time, even with the stacking wood.
    My oldest son, Morgan, has also been out to your ranch with the scouts, I had no idea it was so beautiful, you are truly blessed!


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