Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Green, Green Grass of Home

We were so happy to finally set eyes on the ranch again.
Las Vegas was fun, for a time, Donnie's accomplishment was truly praiseworthy, and it was wonderful being with our daughter, but all the masses of people were not our cup of tea. And no, we didn't ride the motorcycle there, we almost did, but then we changed our mind and drove down to our family's farm in the central valley of California, went to a good friend's 40th redneck birthday bash, loaded up some of Mark's brother's prime alfalfa hay and then flew from there to Vegas. Whew, that was a run-on sentence! And that is kind of how it felt too.

Look at this, can you see it? Isn't it beautiful and wonderful. While we were away the hills began to change from gold to green. This photo is a familiar view taken from our deck.
Just in case you can't see too well, I took a close up. I know, it is pretty crazy for us to get all excited over some grass, but hey that is what this county is known for. :-)First thing we did upon arrival is unload that prime hay I mentioned before. Although, I might add, that my job was only to 'ooh' and 'aah' over the brawn of my husband. Last time I unloaded these big 3 twine bales I was laid up for a week with a bad back, so I decided to give myself a new job!Eric the Bold arrived just in time... talk in the men's circle! Although his friend Brian did arrive in time to help Mark unload all the hay. Thanks Brian. (Kidding aside, Eric didn't know we were unloading or I'm sure he would have been there.)

Now we feel ready for winter. Green grass coming, a barn full of protein rich alfalfa hay and another barn with the big round bales of local grass hay. Look closely at the picture and you will see something hiding.

This is our daughter's cat, Quinn, who thinks he hides really well. He has that crazy ninjakitty kind of 'tude. He cracks us up and scares the dogs. They see him and they actually run away with their tails between their legs! It must work with wild animals too, because Quinn has been sneaking all over the ranch for years with narry a scratch.
End of tale.


  1. Awww, I think your horses missed you, too. That was a tear I saw.

    lol! On that big old bull rump going down the aisle.
    Your 'ninja cat' made me smile.
    I have a tuxedo cat, too. There is something about black and white critters that draws me in.
    Ours has been an outside cat for a couple months now when he started spraying in the house. He loves it out there and sleeping in the barn.

    But I'm amazed that coyotes don't get him with those loud paint colors to give him away.

    A full barn of hay is pure happiness for a horse owner, eh? :)

    I'm alot like you. The city holds no interest for me, too. We've only driven to ABQ twice in a little over a month and don't miss it one bit. :)


  2. I too am thankful for the brawn of men. My husband handles the hay bale lifting and dropping, while I do the dragging with a hook. Just yesterday I tried to lift one of his dumbells and couldn't do it with two hands. I found a cat hiding in my haystack under the tarp this morning. I guess it's warm and safe in there.

  3. Yeah for men!! They are very handy to have around when cutting and baling hay!! We are glad you are back! And that is some really green grass you have there!!

    I hope you got a little rest between coming home and getting right to work.

  4. That was a lot of hay for the men of "The Ranch on Salmon Creek" to unload and that's a lot of bull!!

  5. Home is where the heart is is SO true, isnt it? Visitng places is always fun, but wow its HEAVEN to get back home!

    Nice hay too!!!

  6. I am a hay buckin' fool! TJ, my back has been hurting a bit since I've had to move the same bales around several times! Good for you being smart and takning it easy.

  7. I'm glad you're home and I know you are. We feel the same way about our high desert home in New Mexico. I hope you didn't take all that alfalfa with you to Las Vegas.



  8. I would cry for missing you guys too along with that horse. If I were there with that horse we would haave thrown ourselves a pity party and cry on each others shoulders.


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