Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

A few weeks ago, our blogging neighbor Kym, posted, "Releasing the Imp Inside". Her entry talked of how dressing up enables us to explore our imagination and perhaps even our inner desires. She ended with a question of what would our costume be? Here on the ranch we have gotten some mileage out of this question. So, I ask you, what is the first thing that pops into your head when you think of a costume you would like to wear? Mark says the Invisible Man, Eric's is Big Foot and mine is Pocahontas. Although a Latin singer/dancer also comes to mind. Perhaps Pocahontas wearing a mini skirt!?


  1. I like the way my little guy did it. He never changed what he wore but he changed what he said he was about 10 times!

    Next year, I'm going to wear a sexy dress and be everything from a Latin dancer to saloon lady in the course of an evening.

  2. We were all cowboys tonight. Do you know what that says about us??? It says that Mom was at pumpkin stand all month and neglected getting her children costumes! It's a good thing they were such good sports about it.

  3. Kym,

    Open offer: wear it for me and I'll take the saloon lady to dinner at Avalon.


  4. Oh, it has to be a cowboy for me. That's all I've ever wanted to be and still do.


  5. Kym, I hope you know that anonymous! LOL.

    And Dan, if you hung out with the Wades more, you could have been a cowboy for this Halloween! We worked the geriatric cows this week and it we could have used you. We discovered that 3 were teenagers trying to look old to get out of work and 3 were trying to look young to avoid the slaughter house!

  6. Hmm, I don't think I know that anonymous but, he/she has great taste!

  7. Either Cave Girl, or Harry Potter under the Invisibility Cloak. :)

    What does that say about me?

    That I'm weird?



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