Friday, October 17, 2008

I Look Like a Dork

Eric the Bold, our chief firewood cutter and bottle washer, was attacked by a tree. It cast a branch from 80 feet up and hit him right in the elbow, lacerating his back and putting another knot on his head as well. It apparently knocked some sense in him, and he decided to take a break from the dangers of being a lumberjack. Sooo, that left us short one firewood cutter and since we are woefully behind on our deliveries (underline woefully) I was recruited.

I mostly run the hydrolic splitter, but I decided to give the maul a try. It was a 12 pound maul and I had a little difficulty getting the swing of it. Mark ran and got a camera after I actually discovered I could be successful. I envisioned how strong, and powerful I would look as he clicked away. Later I looked at the images and realized I looked like a dork!


  1. You do not look like a dork. You look really tuff! I would be scared. I bet I so could not even begin to lift that ax thing. Way strong!!

  2. Hell TJ, I woulda chopped off my flipping leg! You look darn good out there with both legs to me! ;)

    Git em girl, and tell Eric the Bold to heal up quick!!

  3. Actually, TJ, you look scary. You can change your name to "The Ranch on Elm Street." Those sunglasses give you an extra sinister appearance.

    Watch out Mark. She's knows where you sleep.

    Just kidding of course. I'm impressed. I'm not sure I could make a 12-pounder work that well.


  4. All you need is a black body suit with an itty bitty skirt, and I swear you'd look just like Xena Warrior Princess......and she was definetly no dork, my friend.
    She kicked butt! :)

    I really am impressed, and not joking when I say, if that ax had been in my hands, and I would have swung it back over my head to slice some wood....I'm sure I would have fallen over backwards.



  5. I'm impressed! I always knew you were tuff since you married into this family, but I now know not to challenge you to arm wrestling! We will stick to rock, paper, scissors for all big decisions.
    One bit of advice:(If you can't work harder, than you need to work smarter!) That's why they made hydraulic log splitters.

  6. OK, but I want to know if you actually got that wood split!!! Or did you miss?? JK... Who needs hired help when you look this proficient? And by the way, why was Mark just taking pictures? C'mon Mark, get on it! You'll never get enough money to go to PV if you don't sell more firewood!

  7. Not just tuff but buff. Way to go TJ. I'm impressed.

  8. Y'all are so sweet to stroke my ego like that. I honestly wasn't fishing (wink, wink), and the photos I have gotten of the guys using the maul look much more fluid and just stronger. But like, duh, they are stronger and they have tons more experience! Gotta go, Mark is calling for his warrior princess. LOL

  9. Oh yea, Annette, I actually did split the wood quite easily with that 12 pounder. But I had no stamina and could only do a few rounds before I fell exhausted on the ground!

  10. Did I say "a few rounds," I meant I could do only a few pieces. !!!!

    And Eric is healing up.

  11. Now you know why we come home so tired after splitting two cords a day for a week straight. Course I'd rather do that than give birth. Dylan

  12. Geez show off! You're just trying to make my hay hauling look like child's play! Mission accomplished!

    I am so impressed with you. Plus, I'm so glad Mark took a picture. I would have a hard time imagining what you were talking about.

    Well done, lady!
    Eric, get better--your mom needs you!

  13. Tj, my dear, you couldn't look less like a dork. You look buff. And beautiful. Hardcore and feminine, yo!


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