Thursday, October 23, 2008

Indian Summer Ride

for Melody


  1. I love the photo of the water trough. We are having such a splendid autumn. This warm weather makes it feel like we are still on the edges of summer!

  2. Oh the water trough photos is so neat! What a wonderful ride. It's so beautiful there!

  3. What a beautiful Indian Summer ride. Those landscapes are just so lovely.
    I like that last photo alot, too.
    Your hills seem so steep. Do your cows have to be part mountain goat, too? :)


  4. Lisa, you are very observant... the hills are steep and our cows are part mountain goat, I think. They have no problem going anywhere. They go lots of places our horses have trouble with, except Eric's horse, Shy-Anne, she was born and bred on the ranch that borders ours on the south side. She is part mountain goat too, I guess!


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