Friday, October 3, 2008

Water Boot Time

Mark went to pull out his rain boots and discovered that it was home to a spider. We never saw the spider, so we aren't sure what kind it was/is, but it looks like it was very industrious.

Our first real rain of the season has begun. Previously we received .4 in the last little storm, but this rain is supposed to bring inches. Right now we register 1.1 in our rain gauge. We love the rain and it is a good thing because we often get 100 plus in a season! Soon our hills will change from gold to green and all the animals will be happy!


  1. Better signs of a spider than the spider itself. I hate the little beasties (I know, they're God's creation).


  2. Your animals are already really happy! You two will probably be happier because you won't have to feed them so much!

  3. Yikes! I hate finding webs in my shoes and no spiders. I always worry they are hiding down in the toe. I always tell the kids to shake out their shoes!!

    Gald you are getting some rain. We could use some here. It hasn't rained in about two weeks.

  4. aIsn't it great to be getting some rain? It started raining here yesterday and is forecast for the next five days off and on.

    The only bad thing is it makes it really hard to get motivated to accomplish anything. I just want to sit and read a book and listen to the rain - and then I usually fall asleep.

  5. We are ready to sit back and read a book. Eric the Bold got attacked by a tree branch and is out of commission for a while, so I, Tj had been running the hydrolic splitter and Mark the chain saw. LOL! I am not used to sweating.

  6. I'm never going to be able to put my foot into a rubber boot again without checking for a spider and web! ;)


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