Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Dirty Shirt Classic

Since at least the year 2000, we have had our own little ranch 'fun' run/walk the day after Thanksgiving. It is actually a grueling 4 plus mile loop, with an elevation change of 1000 feet. These days it seems as if most of us walk it, with occasional periods of jogging. Except one exceptionally fit couple...Dylan and Cheri. Dylan holds the all time record of 36 minutes. They were also the only "competitors" to run the whole course this year. This year most of us did it in under 2 hours including the ride in the sag wagon to take us up the steepest hill. That counts, right?

This race began one muddy fall day when Dylan and Zac decided to see how long it would take them to run Mark's little walking/jogging loop. Somewhere along the way Dylan took off his shirt and threw it down ( the gauntlet perhaps?), when our oldest son Zac saw Dylan's shirt he stomped it into the mud and continued on his way. Hence the name, The Dirty Shirt Classic. For many years there was quite the heated contest between the males in our household, with months of training prior to the event, but whenever anyone came to close to beating Dylan he would improve his time also... so now the pressure is off and perhaps it really can now be called a 'fun' run/walk.


  1. Yes! I love it! The year that I did it, I almost died! too much turkey dinner! I like the idea of the sag wagon.... maybe I can try it again sometime since there is extra help involved!

  2. More power to you. That's why God created horses and cars.

    Good for all of you.


  3. I love this tradition!!! You guys are so dang cute. :)

  4. What a great idea!! I love it! I wish I could come a long. I probably would have needed that ride about half way through!! LOL


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