Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Elections End

The stump stood empty, so Flower took her turn.


  1. I would definitely vote for Flower. I like her stand on empty stumps - plus what a great name.

    What's she running for?


  2. Obviously, she is supportive of those who will stand on their stump speeches. Flower is socialist in her views about food...the man should provide free alfalfa for all! She is ultra-libertarian about individual rights, each goat should be free to do whatever that goat feels like long as it doesn't effect another goat. Finally, being from northern California,(and with a name like flower) she's a bit of a hippie... her banners read; legalize grass, outlaw war! mark

  3. Thank goodness it's over!! I can now answer my phone again!! LOL!!

    And Flower is beautiful! I love how goats climb on everything!

  4. Man, that Flower is too deep for me! I'm so glad you summed up her views. :)


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