Thursday, November 20, 2008

Name that Cow!

The following cow's name is Rae Rae and she is very loud and very pregnant. Anna, my once a week helper, took a phone picture of her to send to her friends because she says that they call each other big, fat, pregnant cows and she didn't think they really had a clear mental image of it! Yep, this cow should clear up all misunderstandings. All of us who have had children probably can remember what it felt like to waddle around in those last days. I have sympathy for this cow and she knows it. She follows me around begging for a handout. I tell you, I am creating welfare cases out of some of our cows.
Any guesses as to what this cows name might be?
(no guessing if you already know)


  1. Good heavens, she's HUGE!! That poor thang! Hope you're around when she calves, that looks like two of them in there...

  2. Mikey, I think you are right about the twins because we have had quite a few sets this year. It is the first time this ranch has had twins so it must indicate that the feed last year was good. I have been babying Rae to keep her close at hand for when the time comes. That photo was actually taken a month ago. She is really humongous now, but still not bagging up!

  3. I'll guess Heinz - for the 57 tag on the ear.


  4. That poor big mama! I saw one last spring that big....she was so cute.
    I was going to guess Heinz for the second cow, too, from the ear tag! ;)
    Stop on by my site, I tagged you for a book tag!

  5. Of course you all guessed right. I made it too easy. I should have put up a photo of Heinz that was shot from a distance, then you would have also seen her sagging bag, bony back and big 'ole grass belly. This is one old, sweet,toothless cow who hangs around the house. She still does rear nice calves though.

  6. Oh that is funny! I was clueless to what the name might have been. I am blonde. :)

    And poor Rae Rae, she looks like she will pop any day now.

  7. I suddenly feel quite slim. Thanks for that! :) Good luck to that big,fat, pregnant cow!

  8. Heinz 57?

    I feel for that poor mama cow.
    I remember being prego with my twins and then with my daughter, who weighed in at 11 lbs 12 oz at birth...all natural birth for all 3babies, too.

    I totally felt like a cow....a big fat cow! lol!

    New Mexico

  9. Oh! I was just sure her name was

  10. Yes, Johanna RAE, she is your namesake and she is missing you! #57 was named by your mom as well.


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