Saturday, November 8, 2008

October Photo Review

Pin up choices for the October page of our soon to be released Ranch Calendar. Choose wisely. Everyone who participated at least once this year in our little photo fun will receive a free calendar in December. (We will pick a secret, surprise photo for the last month).

If you are new to our blog, here is the spiel. Pick your favorite photo from the images below and give it a name as well. The photo with the most popularity wins. Lucky photo.







  1. Randy and I like 1, 4 & 5
    "Falls Splender" include them all in a collage page?

  2. They are all so nice. Good composition. I have to choose the apples, because it has the most color and contast. I'd call it "Comparing Apples and Apples".

  3. I love the two pictures of the trees, but I have to vote for the apples.

    Excellent picture.


  4. Make it another vote for the apples. It brought out that wonderful 'I have collected food from the world to feed my family' feeling.

    BTW, how are you doing the calendar thing? Some of my family is bugging me to do one and everything I look at is expensive and hard to do (plus no one offers a vertical calendar and most of my photos go that direction.) Have you got some great ideas?

  5. Hey TJ- I kinda like the fall tree pix. Says what fall IS to me- the colors, the mist in the morning air, ... you can almost feel the cool weather and the changes there!

    OK- so I confess-- ALL of them are lovely. And my next fav would be the apples...

  6. We wanted to commend you on your nice guessing/research skills concerning your comment on our post from last night! Plus, bonus for not totally ruining the fun for the rest of the guessers! You cracked us up w/ the fishing trip question! :)

    love you guys!

  7. Dear friends, I just sat and went through all of the month's photo review thus far and found it to be a sweet reminder of a lovely year and finding lots of online blogger friends. Thanks for your support and keep your comments coming... The rainy season has begun and you wouldn't want us to go crazy now, would ya?

    Kym, I hadn't actually gotten to the nuts and bolts of a calendar... it just sounded like a good idea. LOL. Thanks for your question because it got me busy. I created my first attempt of a calendar on I went for a vintage style with smaller snapshot style insets which changed the format of all of them to square, but since my resolutions aren't so great, (we basically just have a point and shoot) this looked best. It is really easy to change things around and try different looks and sizes. Costco had the least expensive calendars that I could find, but I haven't tried working with their program. Hope this helps. Tammie

  8. I have made Costco calendars and find them easy and fun and they turn out great.

  9. My vote goes to the apples in the wheelbarrow. The colors are just too beautiful. The title: The good life.

    But dang, that boat and pond keep calling to the country boy in me.


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