Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Pig Hunt

We have lots of pigs. Too many pigs. Pigs that need to be shot because they are rutting around in all the fresh grass and making it inedible for all of my old toothless cows. And they muddy up the creeks. Also, a month or so ago the acorns began falling, so now all those pigs should be getting fat and tasty. Their time is up.

Three men arrived early to get some pigs on Tuesday and I am sure there is a story to tell... only thing is ... no one is talking. Saw the wife of one. She says her counter now has some holes in it due to some kind of accident prior to the hunt. My husband says two pigs were killed and cleaned and that Eric the Bold was a good guide. Eric says the two pigs were gut shot and he had to dive off the hillside and slit their throats and there was mention that it was a close fight. Yeah. Two clean, tasty looking carcasses were loaded in the car when they left. Other than that no one is talking and there are no photos to tell the tale.


  1. Oh I would have loved to have seen the pig hunt. Doesn't anyone know there is a blog here, that needs pictures?

    Sounds like it was quite the adventure.

  2. On our recent trip to Silver City (SW New Mexico) we had a family of javelinas visit us. They didn't look that tasty, but I guess if you cook them long enough...


  3. You let them leave with the pigs?!!! The best meat I ever ate (even including your wonderful beef) is wild pig roasted over an open pit basted with honey and orange juice.

    Next time they have to leave you one.

  4. I would have paid money to see eric the bold tackle a wild pig and slit it's throat...I always miss the good stuff....*sniff-sniff* miss you guys.....

  5. I'm with Andrea and kris and code. There shouldn't be an event like that happening on your ranch w/out a photographer present. Fascinating read, none the less.


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