Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pitter Patter of Little Feet

We have a special visitor in our house that we are enjoying. His mama is having her first week long get away with a girlfriend so his daddy decided it was a good time to come to the ranch and cut some wood. Ritter is 20 months old and while he isn't officially our grandchild, he sort of calls us 'granmo'! He seems to like granmo and granmo, but he especially liked Anna when she came for her visit. I think he was impressed with her muscles. Unfortunately the little guy is now running a fever and his feet have slowed way down and so have I. Taking care of Ritter has brought back many memories of raising my own brood; some good, some not so good. Of course, I wish I had the patience then, that I have now. I wish I had taken more time to smell the proverbial flowers. It seems like I was often in too much of a hurry with important tasks. But what could be more important than a leisurely, slow stroll to the barn with little fingers grasped loosely in my hand. The cows all seem to understand as they look at me with a sisterly gaze, and fall into step behind us.


  1. Great post. I'm sure Ritter will gain a lot from his visit. That's one of the great things about our granddaughter - we can practice being better grandparents than we were as parents. I have to admit his taste in women is pretty good. I'm impressed with Anna's muscles too.

    I hope he's feeling better, but I know he'll always remember his visit.


  2. What a cuties! Both of them! I can just see the cows... in stride behind you.

  3. He is adorable!! I bet he had a really great time. I hope that fever isn't anything serious. Hope he feels better soon.


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