Friday, November 7, 2008

Rising Hopes

Regardless of your political views, an historical event has taken place in America and we would feel remiss if we did not chronicle this somehow on our blog.

Barack Obama has been elected our 44th president and he has brought hope to millions and millions of Americans. Hope is good. Hope to some because of race and hope to others because he had no obvious connections to wealth or power, being born of humble means. Hope because throughout his campaign he maintained connections to his small donators and grass roots organizations which, whether you like him or not, activated the citizenry who are the true strength of our country.

Our citizenry is a blend of left, right and middle. It is important that we keep talking and listening and working together. In baking, if the portion of any ingredient is too large or too small the whole product can be a flop, but blended together in the correct proportions the end result can be miraculously transformed beyond any single ingredient. As in baking, heat is necessary, so as watchful citizens we need to provide that heat by keeping the politician's feet to the fire. One way we personally keep their feet to the fire is through prayer. We believe God is sovereign and calls us to pray for our leaders.


  1. Well said. God calls all kinds of leaders for His purposes. As you said, our job is to first pray, and secondly, speak up when our voices can make a contribution to the national discussion.

    You guys are OK.


  2. I find it hopeful that Obama won and terrifying that now he has a chance to dash my hopes.

  3. We, as a nation, didn't elect a king, a savior, or a god, so I am pretty sure he will dash some of your hopes, Kym. I do hope though that he will facilitate, or allow, or inspire folks to make their own hopes come true.

    And Dan, I think that not only should we speak up when our voices can make a contribution nationally, but I think we should all (left, right and middle)discuss in our day to day lives what we value and believe in. There is too much polarization, I think, in this nation.

    Together we stand, divided we fall.


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