Monday, November 3, 2008

The Shadow

We stood huddled around his bedside and recited some of the words of Psalm 23. Tears, hope, grief all mingled amongst the sobs of his brothers, sisters, parents and friends. Prayers lifted added a sweet smell to the antiseptic odor of the hospital emergency room. Life and death hung in the balance and we all waited. And are still waiting.

Josh is 18 and is the brother of Anna and Abbie. (If you are a regular to our blog, you might remember them.) He was airlifted to San Fransisco last night. There they have the equipment to properly diagnose and help him. We hope. The local doctors think that the ear/sinus infection he has been struggling with lately has infected his brain. This caused him to stop breathing and for his life to hang in the balance.

We had the girls yesterday and we were called to bring them to the hospital, so they could see their brother. Their dad is our pastor and their mom, my friend, and the afternoon of waiting for the airlift was one of the hardest I have experienced, and I can only begin to imagine what his family is feeling. Pray for Josh and his family and friends, if you are so led. Thanks.


  1. Such a Tragic Sorrow filled time. They are lucky to have you as Friends. You both are a Source of inspiration, comfort and Angelic upliftment. Gods will be done. I will pray for them. Love your sis.

  2. Oh wow! I am so very sorry. We will definitely pray for all of you--especially for Josh. I have never heard of an ear/sinus infection doing something like that.

    I cannot imagine what his family is going through. Prayers! Lots of prayers!

  3. My best friend's nephew had/has something similar though he is doing much better after spending months in the hospital.

    Heartfelt wishes for a full recovery!

  4. Oh dear, this is horrible. I will definatly keep the family in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Oh no. This makes no sense at all. A sinus infection can kill an 18 year old boy?? How? Why?

    I'm frightened and terribly sad, and angry, too. What an awful thing to go through for everyone involved.

    Poor Josh.

    I've prayed, but it appears to be too late.
    I'll pray for his sweet soul now.

    I'm so very sorry.


    ps, on another, probably innapproriate note. I really like that shadow photo you posted of horse and rider. Maybe you can tell me what time of day you took it. All of my horse shadow photos, make me and my horse look fat and long. Probably because I take them so late in the day, I'm guessing.


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