Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shoes Off

I have to say it is good having a son who is so handy. Here he is pulling off Tono's shoes and giving him a trim. We used to have to hire our farrier to trim and shoe, but Eric, being the Bold, saw an opportunity and asked the farrier to teach him. For about a year now Eric has been helping trim and shoe all of our horses and he has also helped our farrier with a few of his clients that live nearby. I told our farrier he was working himself out of a job, but he said was happy to teach Eric. He even drove Eric 5 hours south to help him pick out all of the tools he needs. What a guy! He has now given Eric the ok to do all of our horses except Buddy. Buddy still needs special shoeing until we get the quarter crack grown out. Buddy is growing a lot of good hoof and has over an inch of crack free growth now. It looks like I can begin riding him again by spring. Yippee! I miss riding that stubborn, clumsy, funny, smiling, wild horse.


  1. Great pictures and good for Eric. Both of our horses are barefoot with hooves that are rock hard. I have considered taking a barefoot trimming course that a friend runs in Canada - but I don't for two reasons. First, we have a very good barefoot farrier and second, I don't think my back can handle it. Eric's young and he's tough.


  2. It is really handy to have someone like that around. My hubby learned from our farrier too. He will trim our horses when he has time. We still have the farrier come out. Horseshoers are really nice, they love to teach their craft!

    And those horsey lips!! LOL!! I love it!! It made me smile, and chuckle!! Okay, I laughed!!

  3. Those are great shots. I know how frustrating it can be to not be able to ride while a crack grows out.

  4. That is lucky indeed! Good for Eric learning a new useful skill. Looks he's stellar at it, too.

    My mare is barefoot and has rock-hard 'mountain hooves'. My farrier is great and only has to come every 10-12 weeks. But I'd like to learn how to do some basic rasping, as she does get a few small chips at times.

    I hope Buddy is better than new soon so you and he can ride the trails together :)

    New Mexico

  5. Dan, you are right about the back issue.... Eric gets very sore too, especially when he helps our farrier do a neighbor's shires!

    I would love it if we could have our horse's barefoot all year. Last year I tried, but we are so rocky in places and on all of our roads are big gravel that it chewed them up and they became too short and sore. Charlie the old Arabian is barefoot, the donkeys and the young mule, but everyone else benefits from at least front shoes for at least 5 months of the year. At least for now.

  6. I love these kind of pictures! How handy to have a farrier in the family. I have lost my farrier's phone number when I changed cellphones recently. I need to stop by his house in a huge way. My daughter's gelding has thrown a shoe!

  7. Great pics! Love that Eric takes the initiative and learns a great skill. It does come in handy! A good way to make a living too. Nice that your old farrier helped him out too, that's the best!

  8. Yea Mikey, Eric is thinking of going to farrier school in the spring and taking on a few outside clients at that time to supplement his income. We'll see. Young men have a way of changing their minds.

  9. I thought I commented on this the other day. That Eric is something else! He is such a confident, capable person. Good job, Eric! Wish you lived closer so we could hit you up for some pro bono work. ;)


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