Saturday, November 1, 2008

This Week...

Where did the week go. It seemed to just float by. We, as always, did many tasks. I stored green apples in the basement. I seemed to remember my grandma wrapping each apple in paper and then placing them in a dark place, so that is what I did. I am curious if this will actually prolong their shelf life. Does anyone know? We still are getting plenty of lettuce, tomatoes, and green beans. I picked a mess of them. Does anyone know what a 'mess of beans' actually is? It is an old saying in my family and yet I have no idea what it means. I do know though, that there is nothing finer than going out to the garden and picking food fresh for the table. I encourage everyone to grow greens especially. Loose leaf lettuces, kale, swiss chard, and spinach are very easy to grow and so very tasty and good for you. If you plant them every 30 days or so, you can keep them coming well into winter. At least in this climate you can.

We also had some good friends, Randy and Melody, come out to go riding. She loves to ride and so her husband surprised her with a visit to the ranch for her birthday. It was a special day enjoying the scenery, friendship and the horses. We decided Sweet Willie must have some Labrador retriever in him because every time we crossed water he took his sweet time splashing and playing. I know the photo is a bit blurry, but it was a time of action! Do you see Flower, the goat, on the rock. She came on the 2 hour ride just to taunt the horses, I think. They are't too fond of her. Perhaps Willie was hoping to drown her.

Then, of course, we had to do something about my new geriatric cows. We really needed to take a closer look to see what I purchased as well as to vaccinate, de-worm and brand them before turning them out with our herd. Overall they were sweet. A couple of them were a little 'high headed' and I think they will probably be taking a trip back to the auction yard in the spring, and one old cow had no teeth and no number on her hip indicating how far along in her pregnancy she is. So I think that means she ain't pregnant. Check out this cow's hip and all of her brands. The last one is ours. She even had them on the other hip too, maybe she is just into tats. But I think that is wishful thinking. All of these brands seem to indicate that she has been passed along a time too many. And that can't be good. Ahhh. Me and my impulses!

Lately, Mark has been busy learning how to drive the school district's buses. He will soon finish his training and then be hired as a substitute driver. Everyone says he is crazy to take on such a task, but I think he'll like it. And he does have a lot of experience driving these roads due to all the firewood he has been delivering the last few years. Just this week alone he delivered 18 cords in 3 days! Our oldest son, Zac, is visiting us again and when he is here there is always a little good old fashioned competition between him his brother Eric. Those young men sure know how to work! They must have gotten it from their dad.

Today, it is raining. Rain is good.


  1. TJ, stored apples begin to spoil/rot at the sites of imperfections - bruises, nicks, etc. As they start to spoil, they can spread the spoilage to an adjacent apple if its skin is touching the spoilage. That's why wrapping will help protect the 'perfect' apples. Wrapping will not keep an 'imperfect' apple from spoiling, but it will keep the spoilage from spreading.

    In my family, a 'mess' of anything was the most that we could carry in two hands - usually spilling over.

    I would love to come out and go riding with you guys sometime.


  2. That Dan sure knows his stuff. I have no knowledge to bring to the table. My advice, eat them up in a hurry.

    I'd love to see Eric and Zac competing. I bet you guys love that too. "I want to see would can scoop all this poop the fastest. Who is the best mopper in the family?" etc. :)

    That's so cute that Sweet Willie loves the water. It's fun to see the playful side of animals.

    If I had any discipline or creativity, I'd write a book about all the ranchs that ol' cow has seen. Wouldn't that be interesting to know all the places she's been and the ways she has been treated? I'm thinking the Ranch on Salmon Creek might be the most beautiful of all her stops! :)

  3. Dan, thanks for the info. I must have seen my grandma only wrap the 'perfect' apples because those are the ones I wrapped as well! You know about the cowboy thing Dan... most people just fake it. So get yourself a hat and walk with a roll and you are good to go.

    Michelle, you are so funny. Poop scooping and washing dishes competitions would be nice indeed and I really love your idea of old cow teaming up with me to write a book! I will have to ask her.

  4. I loved all the horse riding photos.
    Great info from Dan, as usual.

    I'm thinking apple pie, apple butter, apple crumble, apple muffins, apples dipped in caramel, caramel apples, cinnamon apples.....mmmm. I'm getting hungry :)



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