Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Tales

The natives provided the meat...
All of the pilgrims contributed the rest!


  1. Beautiful family celebration!!! I'm glad to see that you are keeping with a traditional Pilgrim dinner with a fresh turkey provided by the locals.

  2. What a beautiful Tom! Was he tough? My experience with the local wild version is somewhat less than delightful for a roast.

  3. Kym, you'll have to talk to Eric about the specifics, but he has a knack for wild game. I think he barbecued this one wrapped in foil, breast down and it was good. Hope you are enjoying the holiday!

  4. Great pictures and the table looked great - including all the folks.

    Barbecued turkey - sounds good even though I'm still stuffed from today's left over turkey.


  5. Now that is cool--getting your own turkey. Amazing! No waiting for that bad boy to thaw. Gotta love that Eric!

  6. Gobble Gobble!! Look at that bird!! Fun pictures and I love the family one at the table. Hope you had a wonderful day!


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