Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Bull Namer

You might remember that last month we had a "Name the Bull Contest" and that one of our winners was Jason, who suggested the name Maximus. He and his lovely wife Michelle arrived this week for a visit. (I only mean to imply that she is lovely, NOT that he has another, ugly wife.) We have known Pastor Jay and Michelle for a very long time. Michelle's parents were partners with my parents when this ranch was purchased by our families. It had been a few years though since they were last here.

Jason is an avid fitness buff and as soon as he arrived on Monday afternoon, he took off for a long walk.
Next morning he and Mark took off for an early morning ride to the top of the ranch. They left the quad there (we still need to retrieve it!) and arrived back home just in time for breakfast. Note the goat head. She was a little miffed she didn't get to go.

Here was one of the early morning photos Jason took. Most of our mornings begin with fog in the valleys. It is a beautiful sight. I rarely see it. I bet you can guess why.

Then we coaxed them into going with us on a shortcut we knew to quickly deliver some firewood. The shortcut turned out not to be so time saving. First we came to a down tree. We only had a tiny chainsaw with a limited amount of fuel. It really helped that Jason is such a fitness buff. He held up his end....

and then pulled the winchline, attaching it first to the severed log, then tree to tree as we crept up the last mile or so of the 'shortcut'. As a few of you will understand, the ridiculous expenditure of time and effort only seemed to improve Jason's enjoyment and appreciation of our "shortcut".

By the time we got back home the guys had just enough time for a sunset ride.

And here is the sunset. It WAS a little dark as we finished, but since there was a nearly full moon, and because he IS Eric the bold, Eric rode the horses back to the cabin while we headed to a warm fire and dinner.

Then after dinner Jason did his best impression of Cher while decorating our poor, naked, pitiful tree standing in the corner. It had been standing there a week that way. The tree was a rescue. Really. During Thanksgiving the guys were clearing the road and it got cut, so I dug it out of the brush pile and brought it home.

We think Jay did a great job sprucing it up. We especially like the tree topper!
Thanks Jason and Michelle for a fun visit and the pleasure of your friendship.
(just so you know, Jay, the antlers bring out your eyes better than the wig.)

P.S. We are still waiting for the other Bull namer to claim her prize. Come on out Annette


  1. What a fun visit!! And what an exercise buff!! Man!!

    The sunrise photo is amazing. And the shortcut, had me chuckling!!

    Glad they got in a ride and still had time for Christmas tree fun!!

  2. I can identify with your being unfamiliar with the sunrise. They tell me we have beautiful ones around here too, but I have never confirmed that for myself ;) I mostly stick to sunsets!

  3. Neat post, TJ. I see our sunrise every morning as I'm the one who gets up to feed the horses. During the winter I usually get up about 6:15 AM and that's just about when the sun's coming up.


  4. Hi Mark and TJ - Just wanted to again say thanks for the memories and that Cher did call me today... she wants her wig back!!

    (lol) Jay

  5. Heck Yes I'll come on out! Now that my classes are finished, I can once again whisk away to any old place I want to! I'm warming up my singing voice to join in with the caroling cows. Can't wait!!

  6. It is a good thing I do not live on your ranch. I think I would take pictures all day, every day! There are so many amazing views. I am forever surprised at a new beautiful view you have.

    I think your tree is gorgeous. Good times.


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