Saturday, December 20, 2008

Caroling With The Cows!

Somehow, we took no photos of cows.
Actually, we were kind of busy and didn't take very many photos at all.

But we did have fun and our guests appeared to have fun too, even if I did forget to put any water out for them to drink! Just now while I was looking at the pictures I realized I also forgot to use helmets! I know better, I have helmets and yet in all the bustle I forgot. Good thing it was 'ole Charlie horse who gave many children a ride as we managed to dodge the people, dogs, goat and chickens that were scurrying around. What fun!

The hay ride was an adventure. Check out the expressions on the faces. The road was steep, and slippery, the load heavy and there were branches along the way that wanted to sweep
us off. LOL! At one point the donkeys met us along the way and began to sing along with hearty brays.
It really was a treat. The cows too greeted us along the roadway wondering, I am sure what was up. We made sure to toss a little hay there way.

We also had a pinata for the children to destroy. It was a little burro that continued to smile no matter how many legs he got beat off of him. The boys especially seemed to enjoy the bashing part. I don't think it was just to get to the candy either, although that did hurry things along.

Personally, I really enjoyed just watching the children make good memories playing with each other outside on the fallen tree and down the grassy slope. I am quite envious of their joy and their ability to live in the moment. I also enjoyed seeing the glow of their success of riding a horse for the first time, or cutting with scissors while they worked at the craft table. While watching children I begin to understand what Jesus meant when he said that we should become like children to enter the kingdom. Overlooking their greed, of course, as the candy spilled on the ground!

Happy times.

P.S. We are having blogging issues tonight and I know this is all formatted wonky, but I am going to bed!


  1. Very hard to read the part about the hay ride... somehow that makes for a perfect description! That racy photo at the end seems out of place for a christmas celebration in a stable though!! mark

  2. Too bad you didn't get a picture of the cows!

  3. Oh that looked like a blast!! I would have loved to have been there!!

    I love the wreath around the horse's neck. Very festive. And the looks on the people's faces on the hay ride, classic!! I love it.

    It really looked like fun time, and it's okay we didn't get to see any of the cows. I am sure they enjoyed the singing!!

  4. I have a picture of a dumbfounded cow staring horrified at us caroling.

    My little guy is still talking about Giddiup, Charlie! Thank you so much.

  5. I love your happy ranch. You guys do the coolest things there! You are helping make precious memories for all those people.

    Merry Christmas and tell those two to get a room! ;)


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