Thursday, December 4, 2008

Drifting along in the Drift Boat

Here is a post that never got posted. These lovely pics were taken as Mark and Eric the Bold went fly fishing for salmon sometime in late November on our local river, the South Fork of the Eel. They put in a few miles north of where our road hits the river and floated about 7 miles down the river. Many large salmon were sighted in the clear, pristine water but no fish were caught and released, which made if perfect in Mark's estimation. Eric the Bold, however, is far too serious a fisherman to take this view. Or perhaps it is just youth. What is your view on fishing?


  1. Beautiful pictures. I can just feel the serenity. It's nice to see the river so lush and colorful.

  2. My view is that you have a gorgeous local! Man, that is beautiful country. Thanks for sharing their bonding moments with us. :)

  3. I say forget the fish and consider it a float trip. Great pictures!

  4. Wonderful pictuers!! It's so beautiful there.

    My boys love to fish. I do live in "Sportsmans Paradise". Or at least that is what my liscence plate says!! LOL!! We go fishing and try to bring the fish back to our pond. The boys catch and release.

    But last year my husband went off shore fishing with my oldest boy, and they had a blast. The caught all sorts of fish, and boy was it yummy!! Good eating!!

  5. Since I am not as old as Mark, I do not completely share his thoughts. As we get older, slowing down and enjoying life becomes more important.On the other hand I am with Eric, if you have a great river with fish in it then you should catch some. Here is a great quote."Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after"


  6. Some people enjoy fishing and others enjoy catching. Mark likes to fish and Eric likes to catch. Fishing is enjoying the overall experience. Catching is enjoying the thrill of the catch.

    I would be with Mark and enjoy the overall experience.

    Great pictures.


  7. Ahhh, I do miss the Eel river. Spent a lot of time on it with my dad. Love these pictures, they bring back so many memories. Spent much time at Dos Rios as a kid, swimming. Ahhh those were the days!!


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