Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Firewood Processing Machine

Hey Max, after you get your new heart valve on Monday, you might be able to split firewood like Eric!


  1. That certainly looks very easy from here! Most impressive! I don't think we have that kind of wood at our place, and I know we don't have anyone like "Eric The Bold"
    Oh, to be young and in good shape with a flat stomach. Maybe you could sell this as an aerobic excercise video,the other ones we watched haven't done us much good!

  2. Holy Super Chopper Batman!! That is some serious skills!! I would still be working on the first little part!! That is amazing!!

    And Rick and Brenda crack me up, "it looks easy from here!!: LOL!! That is really amazing!! Way to chop some wood Eric!! I am impressed.

  3. Sweet. That wood burns real nice in my fireplace, too. Thanks Chapmans!

  4. Wowsers!!! Eric is a mad man! I cannot believe how quickly he sailed through that big hunk of wood. I'll definitely show Max this post. (He's in bed right now with a migraine.)

  5. BTW, Eric did not know I was filming. That is really the way he always splits wood.

  6. Nice Bod, Eric.

    Great picture of your Rudolph the red-nosed ass.

    We're home, but I have a super bad cold so I probably won't be on line that much for a few days.


  7. I'm so impressed!! What speed and finesse!!

  8. very good! I thought he was going to lay logs on top of it and use it as a table for chopping!~

    How much wood will that one log make?

  9. Well fantastyk voyager, Eric had just sliced 5 pieces like the one you can see in the video. Tammie and I were helping him load the trailer and we needed a little more wood to top the load. The rest of the tree that you can see in the background made about 1 cord. And yes, it would be easier to stand the pieces on a stump and split them one by one... but youth and energy trump cleverness in woodsplitting! mark


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