Thursday, December 18, 2008

Views from the Top

The top of our ranch has more snow than where we live and I thought I would share a few photos that Eric recently took.

Snow is amazing in its ability to remake the landscape. These photos were taken in the burned over area of the ranch and overnight all of the dead trees, stumps, and other fallen debris are transformed. It reminds me of an old gospel hymn:

White as snow, white as snow
Though my sins were as scarlet
Lord, I know, Lord, I know
That I'm clean and forgiven

Through the power of Your blood
Through the wonder of Your love
Through faith in You
I know that I can be
White as snow


  1. Your ranch is so beautiful. Eric's framing of the scene with the branch helped the photo do it justice! Nice!

  2. Great, great pictures and I love the reference to the old hymn 'cause it's so true.

    This will be my last post until close to the first of the year as we leave town tomorrow for Tennessee.

    I hope you and Mark (and Eric) have a blessed and joy-filled Christmas.


  3. Beautiful pictures! Doesn't the snow make everything look great?

    We had a little snow on the ground before we left Washington, but have heard there is now about a foot on the ground.

  4. Turns out ALL of you can take fantastic pictures! Are you sick of hearing me say your ranch looks like it's straight out of a book or magazine? Well, maybe I haven't said that exactly, but I am always in such awe of the beauty. Stunning! Oh, and loved the hymn.

  5. Eric does take great photos. And Wades, he has some amazing photos of your ranch that I should send you.


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