Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Date and Billy Needs a New Name!

He looks a little confused as to why his behavior on their first date was not a hit! Apparently this guy needs some dating advice and he also needs a new name. Mark found this free billy goat on Craig's list and gave it to me for my birthday yesterday. Did I mention it was free. What a guy. I mean goat. Actually, I love that he was free. This billy, who came with the name Little Man, (who is anything but little), has been apparently passed around our county taking care of the lady goats. He is a really cool looking goat with his big horns and goatee. And he doesn't smell too bad either; kind of spicy and exotic and so far he has been very respectful of people. I think I was told he is some kind of dairy goat that begins with the letter N. Not that it matters. I am just glad that Flower will have a 'friend'. And hopefully we will eventually have some little kidds running around the ranch. We'll keep you posted.


  1. He looks like a "Scruffy" to me. Poor Flower! She looks a little shell-shocked!

  2. I am not exactly sure how to respond to this post! I believe I will take more time to gather my thoughts! Happy Birthday!

  3. I've seen scruffier beards in town; I'd suggest "William".

    Happy Birthday!

  4. With his flowing white beard and all, he looks quite wise. I'm going with "solomon" or "solomon The Wise". That outta get Flower's attention!

  5. I think Pollen if he makes flower happy and spreads the love. ha ha
    Just an of the wall thought.

  6. Oh he is a handsome devil!! I love those horns, and I am scared of horns, but his are really nice. And he looks kinda pushy for a first date!! :)

    Let me see, names.....

    Okay, I am really bad at naming goats. We named ours Joe. I like William. We have a residental homeless man named Mr. William, and he is all scruffy with a beard and all!! :)

    And Happy Birthday!!

  7. I love all the suggestions thus far. I think I may put them all into a hat and draw one out. We will see.

    BTW- he has smoothed out his 'moves' and Flower is quite taken with his companionship. Perhaps a wedding soon. LOL.

  8. I think he looks like a Clyde..What a cool birthday present! Love you guys~
    Happy Birthday! :)

  9. "Gandalf the Grey"


    PS: Check out my Friday blog - a slightly similar theme.

  10. I was going to post a name or two, but think Gandalf is really good and better than mine, so I second that. Dylan

  11. I don't mean to be vain but I vote....Lodgepole!

  12. Frankie! After Frank Sinatra because his eyes look sorta blue in the head-on photo and he looks like a bit of a rascal.

  13. Names for my foals take me forever. I get so caught up in understanding the personality so that I'm sure it fits, I just cannot make up my mind. So good luck asking someone like me for suggestions! LOL

    I'm glad his cooled down his moves so Flower isn't so worried about his behavior.......hey, maybe cool hand luke would be right up his alley.

  14. Happy Birthday to you. Did Mark spend the day smelling your rear, ooops, I mean taking you on a date? ;)

    I think Frank would be a good name. ;) In my defense, I have stopped checking as often because I'm not used to you posting anymore. sob sob.

  15. He looks like a Sanaan. We had one, we named him 'Tis. Because, 'Tis ugly and 'tis stinky! We only had him for a month, he courted our two females and off he went! ~'Tis gone!


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