Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pardon me...

...if I talk with my mouth full! But the masters are home and they came bearing gifts of sweet smelling alfalfa hay. (WAYYY better than frankincense or myrrh!) This cow, #13, needs a name. She is a good mama. Last year her calf was born in January and grew to 500 pounds by June when we sold it. This year she had twins late in November. She says it is not rude to speak with your mouth full if you are eating for three!
This cow needs a name too. She is a bad mama. Well, not immoral, but she is late in having her next calf and she has been told that her number is on the list. The cull list. So sorry. It is kind of odd, now that I am thinking about it, how human society kind of frowns on a fertile woman who pops out a baby yearly, but for cows it is good. Very good. Have you met our Rastafarian sheep? They are funny looking and they don't belong to us, so don't nag us about how they should be shorn. They belonged to a neighbor, we are told, who no longer lives around here. So, they apparently heard about how restorative this place is and came here to live out their lives.We actually have thought of shearing them, but we think they might get eaten by the lions, or tigers, or bears. Oh my! Well, maybe not the tigers.Hay, hay, hay. Here they come. One little toot and a holler and the horse herd comes a-running.Stormy is always in the lead as the alpha mare. As you can see, Riley the mule, is right behind her.
This is Tono. He was happy to hear that his friend and owner, Casey, just delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl named Trinity Ann. Welcome to the world Trinity. Tono awaits.
Shy Anne is Eric's and she is a sweet and shy mare. I might add that all the definitions of shy apply, and you have to always be on the ready when you ride her. That is my Buddy in the background. He really looks like a mule in the winter with his light muzzle. Last, but certainly not least, is Sweet William! If you follow our blog, you will recall that his previous owner had changed his name to Billy Bob, because he could be quite the rascal. Well, it seems somehow most folks who frequent this place combine the names in a unique way and call him Willie Bob. It fits his life here. For while he is mostly a gentleman, he also has a stubborn streak. We honestly adore this horse and have found him to be a perfect mount for many of our friends. Eric's friend, Brian, loves this horse even though he had sworn off horses for 13 years. Apparently Willie has found a home.
Although the cats, dogs, goat, chickens, cows, horses, and wildlife get top billing, the humans really do run the ranch, and we thank all of our human friends who help or who run the place while we are absent.


  1. Oh, let me think, number 13 would be a good Birtha, or Big Mamma. We have a cat named Big Mamma.

    And those sheep, wow, I can't believe anyone would leave them, they look so easy to care for!! Holy smokes they have a lot of wool!!

    And your horses sure do have some pretty hills to walk over to get to the hay. It's so pretty there. And my gelding gets a mule muzzle in the winter time. Is your horse brown. My gelding is, and his muzzle always turns white-ish. Strange huh?

  2. Great, great pictures! I love your ranch. Your animals are blessed to live there (maybe not the cows who will be culled, but they have a good life until it's their time).



  3. Can I come to your Ranch this weekend and you know stay there for ever!!!!

    Anyway I like the Bertha idea for number 13, my poor old cars name was big bertha.

    I miss you guys!!!

  4. Where are the posts for Sunday and Monday? I'm confused. ;) Hope you're enjoying your posting restrictions. And to think I thought you were pulling our legs. Love you guys

  5. Cow No. 13 - a good name would be "precious".

    PS: My word verification is "manes" which seems rather apt!


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