Sunday, February 15, 2009

Anniversary Continued....

My hubby didn't just take me to a snowy couch for some smoochin for our anniversary. After feeding the cows he drove me to the ocean which as the crow flies is only about 9 miles away, but on the road it is closer to 40 and takes a little over an hour. Then he escorted me into a room with a view! The storm that was covering the ranch with rain in the lower elevations and snow up top was blowing spray off of the wave tops into our 3rd story window. The regular swell from the northwest was 8 to 10 feet and the wind waves were nearly the same size and being driven from the southwest. So, all over the ocean were these large, odd, whitecapped pyramids. This photo does not do it justice. While we sat there in our warm and cozy room and watched the ocean we realized we didn't want to be out there on a boat.
The view from our room and the heater was inspiring, but the ocean's edge beckoned and we went out into the bracing wind and spray and got a closer look. There is something about the ocean, I think, that calls us all. I often think that its immensity and mystery reflects something of the infinite, of God.
This is a statue of Mario, I don't really know his story, but I think that this image of him makes me think that he liked to watch the sea and the prospect of ships to come in. This following photo reminded me of a strange experience we had in Mexico. We were sitting on our deck in the morning, at Casa Zorro, reading the Bible, when below us we heard some whooping and loud cracks. I peered down the hillside and saw a man dressed only, (catch the only) in a large poncho, or serape thing, and sporting a huge ornate black and white sombrero, he stood outside his wrought iron entryway cracking a whip. The construction workers at his home, did not know what to do- should they laugh, run, clap- so they stood frozen clustered in a little group. I could imagine their eyes round as saucers, as were mine. Then just as suddenly as he appeared he disappeared into the house and we all laughed, as did the men clustered below. Perhaps it was this man's anniversary that day. I will never know, but Mark did his own impression on the beach. Although, I think his rendition is more like the "Man from Snowy River". Don't you?
Unfortunately, I hollered for him to look at me as I took his photo and he didn't see the seaweed root end coming. I wonder if Mr. Zorro had similar problems....
Hope your anniversary is as memorable!


  1. Oh my goodness, that looks like it hurt, but he is still smiling!! LOL!! Oh my goodness!! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary you guys! 28 years- that is fantastic. ANd I am glad Marks smoochs are less sloppy than the heifer too ;)

    Those ocean views are beautiful, and even though I am firmly a land-lubber, I too like to go to the shore now and again and stare off into the waters....

  3. Thanks for the good laugh!!!!! You two are so funny! I'm still laughing........Glad you had a good time in the Cove. Ha, ha, ha....still laughing...

  4. So, I'm assuming you didn't take a swim while you were there. Also, I tried to picture Mark in a serape and sombrero - just couldn't make myself do it.

    Happy Anniversary to a great couple.


  5. Oh my, lmao! Oh that's a good one, lol. I bet you laughed!!
    What a great anniversary. Boy I miss going up and down the coast there. I used to go all over Mendocino and Ft. Bragg, a few spots off Leggett area... was a great place to be a teenager :) But no, not great in a boat in that weather. My dad commercial fished out of Noyo Harbor there and took me out a few times. I'm not a fisherman, not like him :)


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