Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Tall Tale

This story may be true, or it may not be true. But as tales go, it is a whopper.

A man driving along in his pick up came upon a large flock of turkeys. His wife glances towards her husband and says, "mmm, a turkey dinner sure sounds nice". His truck rolls on by as he says, "I only have the BIG gun and I don't think I can hit it in the head". He then notices the disappointment from his now salivating wife as she had already devoured the bird in her mind, so he stops his truck to give it a try. Carrying the BIG gun, he spys one suspicious bird with its eye on him and shoots. BAM. The turkeys scatter, except for that one suspicious bird who now lays in the litter of leaves. Wife jumps out of truck and runs up the hill to gather her dinner to find that the poor bird had jumped up and was walking dazedly around with a hole right through where its eyes should have been. You could see clean through. Wife hollers for husband to bring a knife and the poor blind bird was easily caught, and put out of its misery. It has been told that the wife enjoyed eating that bird, but she was later tormented all night with grisly dreams.

"You know, I believe this story, but there are thousands who wouldn't. " J. A.


  1. Vegetarian. That's all I can say.

  2. Blew his brains out, I'd say! Yikes!

  3. Does this story somehow connect to the previous story about seeing and shooting pigs?


  4. You know Dan, it might or, then again, it might not.

  5. Once again, where are the pictures???!!!

    If this story were true, I'd say how romantic hubby was for fulfilling wife's wish. Oh, and what a manly hunter man!! :)

  6. You really can't get any fresher than that, or local.
    A 'real' turkey just tastes soooo much better than any chemically injected, never ate a live bug, bird bought from a store.

    Thanks for the smile.

    SRM aka Mountian Loin :-)


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