Thursday, February 26, 2009

Indian Warrior

We believe this first heralder of spring to be called Indian Warrior.
While some flowers grow set apart, we have always observed them growing clustered in community. I enjoyed being perched on their hillside for a little photo op.


  1. Indian Paintbrush? Whatever it's called, it's very pretty.

  2. How can we live so close and you have these and I don't ? I'm jealous!

  3. Ok Lodgepole, I just did a search and I am pretty sure that they are called Indian Warrior. Indian Paintbrush lives in the open and Warrior lives under Oaks and in clumps, which this was. It also had ferny leaves, but they didn't show up so well in the photo. And Kym, I guess we have them because of a southern exposure. Mark says he has seen them on your side though near grunt hill on the right. I also found out that they are a root parasite and they like oaks. Happy Hunting.

  4. I love them. I have no idea what they are called, but they are beautiful!! We get these really nice yellow buttercups!! hee hee, nothing as beautiful as those flowers!!

  5. We have beautiful, bountiful tumbleweeds! And lots of them!!

    I think I like your warriors better.


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