Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rythym, Routine, and Regularity

Just as the sun rises and sets each day, journaling and blogging have brought to my attention that there is a cycle to our life. Last year when I blogged of the ranch happenings they all seemed new and exciting somehow. This year a subject will present itself and I will remember that we have already been there and posted that. Life on a ranch is one of rythym, routine and regularity, and I personally like that. I like having an order to our days, months and seasons. It is good.

For this season we find ourselves preparing the garden for spring as well as enjoying the fruits of our winter garden, feeding and checking the cows, burros and horses a few times a week, daily caring for the dogs, cats, goats, chickens and 'ole Charlie horse, reading books and blogs, watching movies, enjoying rain one moment and sun the next and through it all we always keep the fire going. The fire warms us and those we bring into our midst.

Recently we also installed a few more items that keep the fire coming. They are personally my new best friends; a water heater that works and 2 propane wall heaters. We are uptown now! I sometimes feel a little guilty to want such luxury, but only for a brief moment, then I relax in the warmth that my new friends bring and enjoy! Of course, I wonder if I will feel the same when I see what is sure to be a higher bill when we get our propane tanks filled.

Occasionally too, something unexpected happens on the ranch. Like the arrival of a new friend on a rainy day or a fence that blows over and imprisons the daffodils in its death like grip
or the stomach flu that came visiting in the night.

(first photo taken near the ocean, not on the ranch, note the flat horizon!)


  1. I would have burnt that fence, too! Yikes, it made a mess of your daffodils.

  2. The fence became kindling in an attempt to further burn some old stumps I pushed out to make room for my shop...there may even have been some acccelerant used;) Thanks for neighborly call, Tammie showed up in time to help throw the last board on! mark

  3. Very nice post. Believe me we enjoy hearing about the cycle of your lives. We see the same thing in our lives but in different ways. Our horses bring a comforting routine to our lives.

    Nice pictures. Take a picture some time of you two by the fire. That would be nice.


  4. Oh no! Not you too! So many folks have been hit with that horrible stomach flu! I hope you feel better soon.

  5. OH no the FLU!! That is horrible. I hope you feel better soon. And that momma cow is HUGE!!! Well at least she looks tall and wide in the picture.

  6. I must clarify, I don't have the flu, but the Mr. does. He is still quite ill and this is day 3! I too, hope he gets well soon.

    As for the cow, Andrea, she is fairly large, name is Gladys, after one of my favorite octogenerians at church and she is one of the recently aquired geriatrics, who are all calving out quite well.

  7. Sorry about the flu! Hope you are on the mend soon.
    This was a nice post...I love stopping by and pretending I live on a real ranch once in a while! Some of us live vicariously through your routine and regularity! :)

  8. Oh how I loathe the stomach flu. Please tell Mark he has my ultimate sympathies!!

    Tell us all again about what's going on out there. Chances are I've forgotten things with my failing memory. :)


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