Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Check This Out

If you would like to read something beautiful, written by our dear friend Rae who is living in India in a Christian community, click on this link:


  1. There are ways of seeing the world that pull me in, that let me taste the edges of someone else's vision and feel their emotions--even when I will never be there and feel those things myself. This piece did that. The screen grew blurry before I finished. She is a talented writer.

  2. Very nice and very eloquent. She paints word pictures which are easy to imagine.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. When and why did you switch to "Mark and TJ" from "Tj and Mark"? Don't think I didn't notice. I think it deserves a little explanation.

  4. Of course it would be you, Michelle, who noticed. I did it for fun to see if anyone would say anything. I am weird that way.

  5. Thanks. Inquiring minds just had to know. :) I have been meaning to ask for a few days now.

    Happy day to you.


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