Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cloudy Skies

What do you think this is?

It was the sky a couple of evenings ago right before the storm hit.
Here is a photo of Flower eating flowers right before she fell out of the back of the Kubota and onto me! Silly goat. Silly me.

I tell you something strange has been in the air the last few days. Mark is still sick, although he hasn't thrown up now for about 16 hours, still gagging, mind you, but no real action. Eric the Bold had plans to drive to Missouri (yes, we know it is 2000 miles away) to some farrier school and his truck broke down. So we loaned him our spare truck that we just had a couple of thousand dollars of work done on. It should be good to go we thought. Yet a few hours down the road this morning, in the wee hours of the morning I might add, he called broke down. Soooo, now we will have another truck to fix, and who knows if Eric will really continue on his journey. And last, but certainly not least ( joking, sort of), I went to the mall and to the hair salon for a trim and I came out with a cut, and not a very good one at that. Usually I just trim my own hair, but this time I thought I would go to a professional, Ha. Ha.

Well, I am sure that sunnier days are coming. Like this one that we had a few days ago, before the storm blew in. Peace out.


  1. Oh dear "best of the bests" I hope your sunny days come quick. I love the picture of the goat, so adorable

  2. ooo those clouds look ominous.
    Poor Eric, he's trying! Hope everyone gets better soon!

  3. Yep, those were some heavy darn clouds there TJ. Yik.

    Just remember all things happen for a reason. ;)

    And no more trying to catch the goats when they fall out of the back of things, silly!

  4. I should've put some money on Eric the bold.... he WILL make it to Missouri! He's got a challenge now!

  5. I don't know anything about clouds, but the pictures are cool. Also neat story about a falling goat.

    I'm glad Mark seems to be on the mend. Betty is much better today. Hopefully, he'll be himself in a day or two.


  6. Those heavy clouds are now dumping snow. Hopefully, your troubles will lighten up and get beautiful, too!

  7. Our troubles are mighty piddly in the grand scheme of things, but I do feel a lot of sympathy for the guys. Especially Mark; day 4 or 5and he still can't seem keep anything down. He looks fine though, no big dehydration yet. Thanks for all the encouragement.

  8. Those are some scary gray skies!! Must have been a bad storm. And Flower is too cute! I hope she didn't hurt you too bad when she landed on ya!! Oh my!!

    Sorry about your truck breaking down and for all the bad luck. That stinks, and your hair, ugh....I hope you all feel better soon!! Between being sick and having bad hair cuts, man oh man. I hope those dark clouds go away soon!! I have always said bad things come in threes. It's time for some luck now!!

  9. Andrea, we got up this morning and Mark deemed himself on the mend, I looked in the mirror and thought short and messy hair is fun and last night the mechanics called and said that we should have 1 vehicle (out of 3) fixed by late Thursday or early Friday. Eric mapped out a new route, with only stop at his sister's in Vegas and realized he could make it to Missouri in a couple days. So things are looking up, I say. As for Flower, she is quite athletic for a goat and she sort of bounced off of me and then away. No harm done :-). Except maybe Flower's pride.

  10. I thought I had commented on this post. I just read what you wrote to Andrea. Good to hear the happier news. Sounds like God was delaying the trip for some reason. Thanks, God! :)


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