Thursday, April 9, 2009

Breaking News from the Ranch

As mentioned in the previous post, we have had our older two children visiting this past week. In this photo you can see Sarah and her sweetheart Donnie coming in from an evening ride. Sarah and Donnie have been best friends and going steady since their senior year of high school, which was quite a long time ago. They both finished college and last summer Donnie graduated from the Las Vegas Police Academy. So we have all been wondering and waiting....
when he would ask the big question and yesterday was the day. Her response -YES! OK ladies, isn't that a gorgeous ring? Doesn't he have good taste? It is just as beautiful from the side.
He tells us that he tried numerous times during the week to take her on a picnic to pop the question, but due to weather and other interests she had, it did not take place until their last day here. Donnie was very upset in the morning when he saw the overcast skies , but Sarah said a picnic sounded good anyway. Smart move. So they bundled up, packed up and headed to the top of the ranch with its panoramic views. Sarah said he kept fiddling with his hunting coat, (where the ring was secretly tucked away) when she asked why, he made some comment about duck calls. From the top of the ranch!? She finds that a bit strange. Then he asks if she is comfortable and if she could see and if he was blocking the wind. She begins to get suspicious. We're pretty sharp in this family. Then she says that he gets kind of mushy and then she really knows what is up when he goes down on bended knee with the whole world laid out at her feet. Ahhhh. Romance. This is a photo she snapped with her phone right after the big moment.
Later I learn that Mark was asked for his permission as soon as they arrived last Saturday. Mark never told me. I am always the last to know! So yesterday, while they were being all romantic- with their food and the incredible view and him on bended knee- I am out gathering cattle. I know how much Donnie likes doing that kind of work so I wanted to make sure and have a few caught, but Mark kept suggesting that we do it another day. I couldn't understand why, so like a typical woman, I ignored him and did it anyway. Later the happy couple arrives all smiles and we have a champagne toast ( I didn't even know we had champagne in the house!) and then we branded, banded and tagged a handful of cattle. Perfect end to a perfect day.

Here they are: Donnie, Sarah and Bella

Congratulations! May God richly bless your union.

We couldn't be happier and look forward to your fall wedding.


  1. That's so wonderful!! Congrats to the cute couple! What a fun engagement story they'll have to share. How could Mark keep such things from you?! Crazy. That is quite the control he has. Can you not be trusted, Tj, or did they want you to be surprised?

    Are those his earrings or something behind him...inquiring minds want to know.

    So happy for you guys. :)

  2. and that ring---BEYOND gorgeous! Eat my heart out! :)

  3. Earrings of course! He is one classy guy. LOL. Oh my goodness, I never even noticed. I saw your comment in my email and quickly jumped over to the blog. I am still laughing.....

  4. Wonderful news. The thing that you said that impressed me was that he asked Mark's permission - sign of character on his part.

    Also, she's trained with weapons so he needs to keep that in mind. :)

    Best wishes to the happy couple. Any talk of a wedding date?


  5. Awww, that is such a great story! They look so happy together! God Bless them both!

    PS - ring - good choice :) It's gorgeous!

  6. Oh, how cute! What a romantic story. Best wishes to them. I know we'll get to see pics of the wedding in the future!
    I LOVE her ring, it has a vintage feel to it. Hopefully I'll find my cowboy. That'd be fine by me- propose, then lets go round up cattle, LOL!

  7. Awesome news! Congrads to the whole "Chapman Clan"....


  8. Not his earrings??? I was wondering if he'd wear them during the wedding. That blows that idea. ;)

    I sent the comment and then called Max in to see what he thought. I got a little nervous--what if they were? (Not that anything would be wrong with that!!) :) I just didn't want him thinking I was making fun of his choice in jewelry.

  9. Oh what a wonderful day!! Congrats!! And her ring is beautiful!! I love it!! He does have great taste!!

  10. Congrats to the happy couple. I have a feeling this will be a very good marriage.

  11. Oh yes, and the ring is really beautiful! Good taste in that young man.

  12. Good Man Donnie! A big congrats to all. A very happy Easter as well.


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