Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Day in the Life of Mrs. Rancher

Early in the morning, remember though, we are gentlemen ranchers so this means 9 AM, I head off riding my trusty Kubota loaded with lots of tasty alfalfa hay to the top of the ranch, searching all the while for some cattle to round up.... rahide!! I stop for a moment to enjoy the view, the deer eating, and have a cup of joe from my battered flask. If I smoked I would have had a Marlboro. Then I head down the slope honking my horn and bellowing for the bovines. This is my version of 'get along little doggies'. Ha, Ha! Here they come. That black cow is Sweets. But don't let her name fool you, she is an ornery cuss. Ha, Ha!Of course, I stop along the way to photograph some purple posies. Even a wild wrangler like myself has a soft side! Ha, Ha!
Eventually, I bring the first bunch to our holding pen and they go in easily, never suspecting that it is a trap. I continue this routine most of the day. It is a hard job, but someone has to do it. Ha, Ha!The next mornnig Mr. Rancher and I head over to the pen to tag, brand, vaccinate, band and inspect all of our cows teeth. Well, the ones that have any, anyway. As soon as they are done with their physicals we give them hay. Without Eric the Bold, neither of us had the time or a spare hand to take any pictures of their treatment. But nobody died. Ha, Ha!Some of them enjoyed their spa treatment so much we had to escort them out when their group was done. Ha, Ha.

"There is nothing better for a man (or a woman) than to eat and drink, and to know that his labor is good." -Ecclesiastes 2:24


  1. Kubota - I haven't heard of that breed of horse.

    Great pictures and a good story.


  2. Your purple posies look a lot like Forget-Me-Nots which are Alaska's state flower. It was 75 degrees in Bend today. Spring is here.

  3. May I please say how very much I agree with the whole "gentlemen ranchers" philosophy? If I had my way around either of the ranches, this would be immediately implemented.

    I bet you are missing Eric. Hope he's learning a lot.

  4. Great pictures and fun way to tell your wranglin' tale! I love the 9:00 start! :) How many cattle do you have on your place?

  5. I would have to pull out my little cow book to give you an exact cattle count for today, Pony Girl, but I think we are at 79 calfs and 82 mommas and 3 bulls. After we finish handling all the animals I will give you the official count. though. A few are destined for a trip to the auction. No teeth and no calf :-(. On this particular day Mark and I did 67 head. (No snickering Wades! Who do like 600 head in a morning, no less).

  6. Oh and Michelle, Eric is loving it. Every day he gets to get under some crazy horse. Today he got his hand stepped on. The instructor says he is making him a shirt saying something like, 'never say no, and won't let go'. Eric is getting a reputation for being willing and able to do the wild ones. I am glad, because before he left he said he wouldn't do my mustang, now he says Buddy will be a piece of cake.

  7. I like the "gentlemen rancher" designation - and the time that goes with it. Since I don't do mornings, I think I may adopt that idea for our little piece of land. Of course I will have to say gentlewoman rancher, and they probably get started even later, I know I do.

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