Sunday, April 19, 2009


On Monday, we had good friends come over for a day of riding and relaxing and some not so productive fishing. I didn't take any photos, I forgot my camera. I really wish I had pictures of their girls riding Charlie around the yard without holding on. Yippee!

Then Anna and her friend Shelsey came out for a couple days. They stayed up later than us 'old fogeys' and I lay in bed at night listening to their giggles and whispers and my own teenage days came back in a rush. Those years seem to last forever when you are young, but looking back they were really quite brief. I had lots of friends, and yet I always had/have the feeling of being on the outside somehow. Sometimes, I think perhaps deep down we all feel this way. I dunno. Let me know I am not a freak, will ya?This was Shelsey's first visit to the ranch and I enjoyed seeing her joy in riding the quads and seeing the falls and riding a horse. Shelsey is a horse lover and she didn't let the high winds, low temps and minor snow flurries stop her from riding. Again, I forgot my camera for the ride! Oh, I can't forget to mention that these two spent three hours of their vacation cleaning the cabin. Thanks again for your hard work. I am not sure if it was this week or last, but our friend and farrier came out again with some of his friends and got a turkey and a wild pig. His smile says it all. Here is a new friendship in the making. Eric's horse Shy-Anne and Mark's mare are almost inseparable.
This little steer has a friendly bird along for the ride. 'Ole Charlie horse has a friend too. It is kind of cute how Frank follows Charlie everywhere. At first Charlie gave him the stink eye and wrinkled his nose at the awful smell, but you know how it is with things that smell.... you eventually just get used to them! I have a posy pressing buddy and a homesick friend or two who would love seeing all the new 'friends' popping up around the ranch. A joyful mix of diversity.Each day I awaken expectantly to see what new smiling face I might spy. While this group looks like they are laughing they of are kind of quiet, not much real giggling going on.Very different from the men who came out for the weekend. If you live in the neighborhood, we apologize for all the noise. They had various shooting contests going on and one young man did shoot his first wild pig! Willie Bob is fast becoming one of my favorite horsey friends. I need to look back and actually see what month Eric got him, but I think it will soon be a year. He has gotten fat and happy. Anna calls him George Lopez because of his humongous head. I don't even know who that is, all I know is that this horse has turned into a lover! He will see a friendly face and slowly amble over, lower his head, look you in the eye and then cuddle. I swear, he cuddles with that big old head. All the girls love him, even if he is clumsy and steers like a yacht. When I think of friends, I see many faces through out the years. I am sure you do too. Some friends are only in your life for a season, but leave behind some tangible mark upon your soul. So, perhaps I am not on the outside looking in after all, but instead a piece of my friends are all stored in my heart.


  1. TJ, you are not alone. ;) This was a fantastic post, with incredible shots, and such grand memories to share.

    Please give that big old Willie Bob a cuddle from me. Amazing how things settle and smooth out with time, calm care, and TLC isn't it?

    May you have an amazing week out there!!

  2. So beautiful there. What a gorgeous place to be right now. Love it!

  3. Tj, loved it! I loved the flowers, the cute teenagers taking a dip, pictures of men hunting, the precious new equine friends--all fantastic. Thanks for making me smile, awkward one. :)

  4. Max and I have a favor to ask. Do you think we could move our family and our ranch out to your place.Just for a few decades. Would that be OK??

    We won't be any problem at all.

  5. TJ, very nice post and great pictures. We are a composite of our experiences and our friends. Every experience and every friend leave their marks on our lives.

    Well done.


  6. I was kind a like that too, when I was young. Not too sure I was in on the "in". How wonderful to be a teenager. Not an care in the world, except for what boy was the cutest!! Sigh..the good old days.

    I love the shots, the one of the two girls and the waterfall is amazing. You have some beautiful land there!! That bird is huge and is scary to all different degrees of scary for me! I have this thing for bird feet and they are just plain scary!!

    Thanks for stopping by and asking about me and Cowpokette, you are too sweet. She is feeling better and finally sleeping all night.


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