Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A New Redhead at the Ranch

Mark was visiting a neighbor and this mare kept following him around.... and around.... and around. It was quite cute how taken she was with him. Apparently, he was taken with her as well since when the neighbor offered her to him, he accepted. He didn't check her teeth, or her credentials, or halter her, or anything. I told him it was very strange way to choose a horse, but he said it was a successful way when he picked a wife! She has no name. Neighbor called her the Lone Pine Mare, so she is in need of a name. She is a registered quarter horse with a name that includes Lucky and San Badger and something else, but Mark hasn't gotten the official document yet, so this is all second hand. Mark says the name Molly keeps coming to mind, but he would love to hear your suggestions.

Oh yea, she is expecting a foal no later than mid June. So think on some baby names too! She was bred to a paint, so it might have spots!
Here she is with the new love of her life.
We will keep you posted on how she turns out. We have been warned that she has one vice. Breaking halters by pulling back. Yikes. I don't like that one. But Eric the Bold is coming home soon and he says he can fix her after she foals. For now, we are warmly welcoming her and keeping her untied! I might add that she does lead well, especially when she is headed to the tall grass in the backyard that needs to be cut!


  1. Wow! What a neat gift you have been given--a mare with a sweet little baby on the way! I love them both already.

    Names? I'm not good at that.

    Congrats on your new additions.

  2. A new baby foal brings out the squee fan girl in me. Please can I come and bring my camera?

  3. You mean Mark didn't check your teeth on the first date? I'm amazed.

    Just kidding of course. I'm glad you got to the point about her being in foal as I was about to suggest you might have a surprise.

    I like simple names for horses so Molly sounds good to me.


  4. Nice story. You guys are "gentlemen ranchers". For a name let's see, how about...Betty Kym!

  5. She is so pretty! I like her white blaze. I'm glad she's having a foal too, because I was going to ask if she was w/that belly! ;) Can't wait to see if it has spots.
    I think Molly is a nice name! Or maybe Tika. She reminds me of a sorrel mare I knew as a child, named Tika. Or Shadow. Since she was following Mark around! ;)

  6. Molly is a great name actually. Love the wife story. Thought something was a little curious about that belly, how wonderful!

    A couple other names could be Pokey for the baby and Bluebonnet for mom as the Quarter horse headquarters is in Texas. Amarillo actually but we don’t have Bluebonnets up here. Still my favorites though.

    She is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the baby pics.

  7. Awww, how exciting! Funny how they choose their "person". Can't wait to see what pops out. A two for one deal if I ever saw one :)

  8. What a fun free mare!! She is pretty! And well bred too!! Nice!! A cow mare! I like the name Molly. We have a donkey named Molly and she is so sweet.

    We have a mare that pulls back too. Rope halters don't break, so always use that on her. I am going to take my mare that pulls back to a chiropractor to see if she is pulling back because she has something out of whack. It might just hurt her to be tied for a long time. My mare also looks stiff.

    Oh, paint babies!! How exciting!! I hope it has spots!! Spots are so much fun.

    Oh, and did you see the duck head on your mare's forehead? It's really neat looking. I like Molly as a name.


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