Thursday, May 28, 2009

A New Legend of The Fall (s)

Isn't this a cute couple? We had the privilege of having them stop in for a whirlwind tour of the ranch last weekend. Nick is Mark's cousin once removed and his lovely fiance Riah is one tough gal. The whole time she was here she kept a smile on her face and continued to humor us as we scuttled her from one event to another, even though she had a cold. We didn't think much of it until WE got the cold the day they left. That little cold has left us whooped, we really think it is a flu or human parvo or perhaps consumption, but I can tell you we have not been smiling. Well maybe a little! Mostly though we are really impressed with this lady's gumption.

One of the places we scuttled them too was the falls of course. This photo show Nick clambering up to the top to get some photos of the upper falls and pools. I was a little concerned when he ventured close to the slippery falls, but Riah said not to worry he was very outdoorsy and used to such activities. Here is a photo that Nick took from the top. Right before he fell.......
I missed seeing him fall, but my son tells me he started to slip, waved his hands around a little to try and catch his balance. Realizing he was going down, he quickly turned around in mid air and slid down the waterfall gracefully. He came out smiling so I guess all is well. Except his camera.

It was wonderful having them visit and we sure hope others in the family come to call as well. So often in life, you slowly get disconnected from extended family and it's always fun to get back together. We hadn't seen Nick since he was about 18, now he is 24 and a fire fighter and soon to be a married man as well.

On another note, the colt is giving his mama a run for her money! She doesn't want him to go near the rest of the herd, but he is quite the determined little fellow. She does approve of us humans though and she will herd him back to us time and again. He thinks we are pretty interesting and we love petting him, but I think he might be a rebel at heart, because whenever his mom goes to contently graze he makes a wild dash to the others!


  1. That Nick - never a dull moment! I hope you kept him away from the power tools ;)


  2. I'm sorry you got sick. Always the good host and hostess to take a little something from your guests.

    Great pictures of the colt. He does look like a hand full.


  3. Oh that is scary, I'm glad he was okay! I thought sliding down waterfalls only happened in the movies, LOL!
    Beautiful foal!

  4. Olá!
    Este lugar é realmente lindo!
    Voces são privilegiados!
    Um grande abraço!

  5. I hope you all get better soon. I'm sending you good thoughts from across the canyon.

    The little guy is adorable.

  6. Well Kym, good thoughts are cherished here, but some chicken soup would be nice ;) Just kidding, we are both much better already, but we're not telling Riah. (aka typhoid mary) mark

  7. margaret and rodMay 30, 2009 at 9:21 PM

    We're glad you were able to meet Riah and see Nick again. We love her to death and are sooo excited to have her as part of the family!
    We wish we could get up to see you again. We hope you'll be able to make it to the reception in Sept here in Bakersfield. We need your mailing address @ the ranch. Thanks for hosting the love birds and sorry you got sick!!

  8. Riah truly is something special!!!! I too came down with the Riah flu. NOT fun by any means! I now feel kind of bad for fishing out of the canoe that Riah paddled in the upper pond/lake. She certainly is a trouper!! Thanks again for your hospitality!!!

  9. Don't feel bad Nick, it's been done before. I saw a guy go over head first, way back when. It's a particularly sketchy spot.

  10. Lodgepole, well we have only seen it happen twice during our stay up here. The first was our youngest who went down like a ping pong ball bouncing off each side twice on his descent, trying to arrest the fall. The second time was Nick, who simply turned gracefully and rode it out. Admittadly, the water was higher for Nick which smoothed things out a bit. We have heard tell of many other excapades, with no injuries. Head first though, seems pretty extreme.

  11. The head firster was a brazilian exchange student- he made out with only a slight scrape, and had a look on his face quite like Nick in the picture[It's good to be alive!]. I've also seen folks go over feet first, on purpose.

    Hope you guys are doing well.

  12. Oh my goodness! He fell down the waterfall??!! At least he was in good spirits about it. And I hope your flu/cold doesn't last too long!

    That little foal is such the rebel!! LOL

  13. I like the name Flynn for the colt. It is a good name it used to be my last name 31 years ago. love Kellie


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