Sunday, May 17, 2009

Signs of Summer

I sit languorously in our computer chair, my skin slightly crisped and tight, and with sounds of song birds drifting through our screen door. The air is warm and mellow, the memory of snow caps and coats seems to come from another time and place. Could summer be here? It feels like it. It smells like it. It sounds like it. But I will let you know. If there is one thing that changes around here, it is the weather! We did plant some of our summer garden yesterday; we still need to plant corn, melon, eggplant and hot peppers. Maybe manana... We rest now after an afternoon spent in the embracing sun and bracing cold water! Yin and Yang, dark and light. I was captivated today with light dancing across the water and on the green leaves of the trees at water's edge. I sat and pondered how incredible it is, magical and mystical. Without the darkness would the light shine as appealingly?


  1. Can't be summer already! We still have snow all around us! You Californians are always in such a hurry!

    Rick P.

  2. Great shots TJ. I love your waterfall there!

    Must be nice to be able to swim and NOT worry about gators, huh? ;)

  3. Holy cow that looked like fun!! Summer there is so neat! That waterfall is beautiful!

  4. Este é realmente maravilhoso!
    Voces são muito privilegiados
    por poderem estar e desfrutar das belezas de um lugar feito com
    tanto cuidado por DEus!
    Um abraço a todos!
    adelita c.

  5. Seriously? That was incredible narrative with equally impressive and fun photos!

    Tj? Mark? Who wrote this masterpiece? Whoever--I love it!

  6. Absolutely beautiful spot. You're living in my version of heaven!


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