Thursday, June 11, 2009

... a name to grow into...

I awoke this morning surrounded by the wispy remnants of a dream. I rarely am aware of my dreams, so I still have a vivid impression of this one, ethereal though it was. A fatherly figure in buckskin and braids and with a single white feather in his hair gently reminded me that " a boy needs a name he can grow into." I recognized this man from an internet search I had run the evening before... distinguished. Famous, even. He invented an alphabet for the language of his people, fought on the American side in the war of 1812, and died while searching for and trying to reconcile with an estranged branch of his family. Because of him, the Bible was transtated into his native tongue, and many of the legends and stories of his people are remembered today. A natural wonder of nature, which I see daily, is named after him, as is a world heritage site. And now, my colt. Can you guess his name? Sorry to A.J. and the throng who love the name Flynn... This horse has a large helping of "native spirit". A.J. , please accept our offer of a day at the ranch; swimming, fishing, riding, hiking, touring, picniking, etc. Come meet the colt in person, and enjoy some So. Hum. sunshine! mark


  1. I would google that right now if I weren't leaving you this comment on my phone!! :) so I can't wait to hear what his name is going to be. I love Indian names. And that picture of the little feller is great. He is filling out so nicely.

  2. Did my wife get to you? Is that it? I'm checking my phone records.

    On one hand, I'm relieved you didn't name him that awful Fritz. On the other hand, all of my hopes and dreams have been crushed because you strayed from the one true name of Flynn.

    So did you name him Sequoyah, George Gist or Guess?

    Well... okay, the original Sequoyah sired at least 7 children between his two confirmed wives. Who knows about his other three rumored wives. So, I concede to you good sir, you have chosen a studly name for this strapping young lad.

  3. P.S. My apologizes if the usage of the word "sir" was an egregious gender assumption. I'm a new reader and your blogger pic only confounds the issue further. People often assume I'm a mother, so I just had to pre-apologize in case I goofed.

  4. Sequoyah sounds like a great name and, as you said, one he can grow into.

    Well done.


  5. UPDATE! You can't leave us hanging like that!

    (Hope all is well.) :)

    Oh no! I just read the comments. It appears you did pick and I just have zero comprehension skills. My apologies.

  6. What a wonderful name, for a beautiful baby! I love the posts that you always leave on the GG blog. So, I'm now going back as far back as I can on yours to get caught up.

    Congrats on the up coming wedding! I hope you're as blessed as we are with our new son-in-law.


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