Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Blue Eyed Beauty

A while ago I posted about an injured horse I was tending too. She has hence been named Charity Rose and has been moved onto our property against our better thinking, but at the leading of our hearts. Poor, pitiful little thing. We just got the official diagnosis for her hip problem and she has a broken pelvis. We suspected something serious. The vet says that within 4 to 6 months it will heal although it is healing crooked. One hip is a couple inches higher than the other. He says she will not have pain and will eventually be suitable for light riding. We had some folks lined up who wanted to adopt her, but I am afraid that after this prognosis they have all backed away from taking her. So now we have the dilemma of deciding what to do.

As I mentioned before, she will be number 13 in the number of equines on the ranch and that is absolutely CRAZY~ how did this happen!? It seems ludicrous to think of keeping her, and yet, she is so sweet and gentle and loves attention of wee little hands that we just hate to put her down. And it might just break old Charlie's heart. Yes, that old fart decided he wasn't too old after all for a little courtin'. He spends most of the day nuzzling her and keeping himself between her and the fence that separates them from the other horses. It is wonderfully cute and yet probably not a good enough reason to save her. But then again....
So for right now, she stays. Tommorrow we will see.


  1. TJ I was just going to email you about Charity and see how things were going...

    Sorry about the hip... and if you were closer, I'd say we'd take her in... but... we're pretty far away.

    Hang in there and slip her a carrot from me.

  2. Poor girl, I wonder how she broke her hip, what a horrible story she must have. no wonder the old owner was willing to just give her away. I hope she heals quickly. And horses that have visible imperfections are so much harder to fine homes for. We have on like that.....sigh.....She is super cute though.

  3. you know you want to keep Charity, and besides Charlie loves her sooooo much.. Whats one more horse, your down one goat.. think of it that way...

  4. Awww, poor thing. I hear ya, my count is at 17 right now, thanks to taking in a couple more crippled critters... it IS insane. But how can you not? What's one more? :)

  5. Good news. Just got off the phone with the head of a local rescue and he is going to try and help us place her, and if he can't find a place now, then he thinks that the center can help us out financially!


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