Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Got Wood?

There has been a lot of busy woodchucks working on the ranch. There are piles of thier industry everywhere. Here is a photo of the largest pile and our two resident chucks: Tater Chuck and Eric the Bold Chuck.Zac Chuck and his friend after a hard day of chucking! This is not an easy way to make a living and is not for the weak of mind or body. Well, perhaps mental weakness might actually be beneficial!
It has just been announced that after 2 years of holding the price at $300 per cord delivered (2 cord minimum), the price will be raising to $310 a cord for all orders placed after October 1st. If you live in So. Hum and haven't got your firewood for this season give us a call at 599-0516.


  1. Those are some workin' men right there! If we lived closer we'd get all our wood from you--no lyin'!

  2. Two tired puppies. I'm glad I'm too old for that kind of work.


  3. That is a LOT of wood! Your woodchucks are very industrious. We are pretty lazy woodchucks around here - except Nick, who left us a couple of cords of firewood all cut and neatly stacked.


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