Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nobody Cares.... according to Mike!

Our nephew and his family came for their annual visit. The Daddy likes to drive around in the Land Cruiser looking for bucks to stick his arrow in. The kids like to ride quads, swim and just have an all around good time. The Mom does mommy things. You know what that means.... clean, cook and bandage up skinned knees. Emma decided that her daddy didn't drive to good. So here she takes a try at it. She is cute as a button, isn't she?
Hi, says Mike. My sister's trying to kill us. YIKES!
Brandon says this is the dumbest face he ever made, but he thinks his sister is pretty cute in the photo so it is ok to post it.
Here is the cutie again, riding Charlie. She loves all the animals on the ranch and the ranch dogs have been spoiled all week by little treats and lots of petting!

Mike riding Charlie with no hands. He also crossed a little creek while riding and Charlie jumped it, boy was Mike surprised. But he stayed on. Good job Mike!

Brandon wearing his Uncle's black hat for the requisite photo shoot. Cool!

Brandon rides the trails all by himself.
One of the challenges they had all week was trying to catch the baby goats that I refuse to get attached too. I think they did eventually convince the kidds to let them pet them. I think treats might have been involved. It is always all about the treats!

And the dad did get his buck.....


  1. Great pictures. It looks like everyone had a good time (except for perhaps the buck).

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. What adorable kids! Love that they had so much fun. You guys are a great ranch to go visit!!

  3. Love it! You're right--she is cute as a button. I think she matches the rest of her cute family.

    Dan's comment about the buck cracked me up. Max liked the deer. That was just an fyi in case you were interested.


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