Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I just downloaded 133 photos to my computer and while perusing through the last week or two on the ranch I realized there were a lot of things going on that I could do a post on. Like I could have done a whole post on our Sunday school round-up where Charlie was one of the featured events. With the stick horses coming in as a close second. But I'm not.
Or I could do a post on Johanna learning to shoot a bow,
and drive the Land Cruiser under the close tutelage of Eric the Bold. "Snappy"! I seriously contemplated doing a whole post on the beautiful sky we have been having lately. Beautiful! Simply beautiful.
Or perhaps I could post about the fall round up. Again, note that sky. But I didn't. We have also had a lot of day visitors to the ranch. Like this wild and crazy family who took the Cruiser to the falls. And I could have done a whole post on such visitors. But I didn't. No, I did not post about any of these events. This post is about painting. Can't you tell? The title says, "painting", come on get with the post here. This is a worthy post about how our house went from a peeling mess to a beautiful shade of red! Yes RED.
Well, a rustic red, beige and white. We tried to match the red to the color of madrone oak bark. It is one of our favorite trees and very notable on the ranch. Perhaps we shall call our home, "Madrone Cottage", or maybe, "The Christmas Cottage"?
A BIG thank you to our dear friends who spent almost 2 weeks away from their homes, and over 202 man hours, to make our home nicer. .... and the bunkhouse too!


  1. Wow, you have been busy!! The house looks great!! I vote for Madrone Cottage. I miss the madrones...

  2. I loved this post about what could have been. Just so you know, I would have been very interested in every one. Those stick horses--so cute!

    Houses look fantastic!

    Tell Eric hi.

  3. I like it! I also like the posts that could have been. Eric has a winner on his hands.


  4. Ha, Ha. You caught that right Dan. He has been trying to be a winner of that prize for quite a while. :-)

  5. Great pics. It looks beautiful up there. It was great seeing you at Justin & Bethany's wedding earlier this summer. Blessings friends, Ryan


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