Monday, September 28, 2009

A Week Later

Last week was a little off kilter.
We had planned on traveling south last week to get hay from the family farm and meet up with my daughter and mom to go dress shopping for our daughter's wedding that is less than 2 weeks away. Of course the bride's dress is chosen, but my mom and I are still in need.

After the accident we needed a day to just breathe and then the following day we had calves that got sick. Runny nose, cough.

We haven't really had sick calves before, and we don't want to use antibiotics, so we did the old fashioned remedy of, "feed a cold, starve a fever". Since they don't really like chicken soup we fed them copious amounts of alfalfa. It did the trick. They are all looking much better now, a
week later.

Other things happened to friends around us too. Sad things.

So needless to say, we did not head south. Now, I have nightmares of showing up to the wedding wedding with nothing on, or dressed way too sexy, or in some old dowager's dress. Really. I have. Just shows how neurotic I am. So, off to Eureka we went last week in pursuit of a dress. Pretty slim pickings in our neck of the woods. Although I will say that if you are a man, it is easy to get dress clothes.

Mark walked into the western store, got a nice pair of black boots. He put them on and then walked a short distance down the mall to the men's clothing store and said he needed a suit. First suit he tried on fit perfectly, they pinned it up for the tailor and we were done. They even had a buy one get one half off, so Eric the Bold got his suit too.


Why can't it be so for women?

A week later and Geanie, our recent accident sufferer, is managing. I wish I could say she was back home and all better, but broken bones take time to heal. I can tell you she is an amazingly strong lady with a terrific family. I feel claustrophobic and anxious just thinking about her injuries of a broken hip AND pelvis, ankle AND elbow. Everyone is thankful it wasn't worse, but still, that's bad enough. She is as of now in a rehabilitation center, near her home in Redlands, Ca with hopes to be home as soon as she can manage a few things on her own. Speedy Recovery to ya, Geanie.

And we are hoping this week is a little more balanced. And that I find a dress.

(photos taken at Humboldt Bay after an afternoon of shopping)


  1. I certainly hope all of you have a much quieter and safer week. I don't believe I can help you with the dress thing, but will remember to say a prayer for you and your friends! Godspeed.

    Rick P.

  2. I quite agree with you about womens clothing - why is it so difficult? And it seems to me that you only find an abundance really wonderful clothes in the color and style that suit you when either you have no money to spend, no need for them, no place to wear them, or all of the above. If you must have something for a specific occasion - that is really difficult! Good luck with the dress shopping ;)

  3. Beautiful pictures. Sorry for your friends going through a hard time. Those nasty storms are no fun! Prayers for them. Healing prayers for Geanie. What she went through sounds terribly painful! I'm so sorry.

    Kick Eric and Mark for me. They shouldn't get away w/ such stress free shopping.

  4. It may be easier for men, but I guarantee you will be a beautiful mother of the bride and no one will even notice Mark or Eric.

    It will all be worth it.


  5. OH my goodness, I have missed so much!! Yes, it's totally not fair that men get it so easy when it comes to clothes. I don't know of one single woman who can order a dress that she thinks is beautiful and then try it on and it be perfect! Ha!!! I hope you find a dress. I too am looking for one, for our Mardi Gras Ball in January!! You can never look too soon!

  6. Andrea, You are so right about you can never look to soon. I kind of think 2 weeks before the wedding was cutting it a little close. But good news, I think I found the dress. It is a little more fancy than I normally wear, but hey, I am the m.o.b.! Right now it is getting altered to fit this body and then we shall see. What fun.

    Oh and Dan, Mark wishes he had your smooth words. chuckle, chuckle.

    Thanks everyone for your prayers for Geannie and for your sympathy for my shopping woes. It feels so ridiculous to worry about shopping with Geannie laid up in bed.

  7. I hope we get to see photos of the dress?

  8. Yes Kym, I am sure I will post some pics of the wedding, that might include me. LOL. Funny thing is I had no dress and now I have TWO dresses from which my daughter can dress me in.


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