Monday, November 9, 2009

Light Weekend

Morning sun flits and flies, with the mists try to make a way through.
Here then there, the dance continues to enthrall onlookers and the dancers alike.

Midday sun's shadow is light, still,
the muted shape and form of the woods glitter and glow in faded yellows and gold.

Buckeyes now barren form stilllife on rounded hill,
the green of the grass seems almost from another time, another day when flowers come.

Afternoon sun makes it's prescence known. Boldly. Shadows dark and steep scramble, colors scream to stay a little longer.

While the last of fall's bounty and vibrancy is gathered-

And then savored under a cover of night.


  1. Awesome. Just, awesome!

    And that apple dish looked oh so yummy too!!

  2. Wow! Truly gorgeous photographs!
    I used to live near La Grande and seeing your pics made me nostalgic for that area! :)

  3. THIS, my heart whispers, is why I overflow with love around her. mark

  4. Great pictures and a poet too!
    I can see the attraction to both!
    Must be the setting that raises the senses?

  5. Oh man, that looks awesome. I love you and your beautiful ranch. :)

  6. Beautiful pictures!! And is that homemade apple sauce? If so, that is my favorite, especially when it's still warm!! YUM!! Love the first two pictures the best!!

  7. Ahh - soothing and beautiful!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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