Monday, December 21, 2009

Cupid's Arrow

Yesterday, while we were away, Eric the Bold proposed to Johanna and she accepted.We are thrilled. Congratulations. We love you.
BTW- This is the third marriage proposal on the ranch this year. Must be something in the water.


  1. Awww congratulations! They made a beautiful couple!

  2. Awww!! Way sweet! Mega congrats to Eric the Bold and His New Bride to Be!!!

    Merry Christmas TJ, Mark, Eric and the entire lot of you out there, with loads of love from our tiny corner of the Southland!

  3. YeeeeHawwwwww! I put some photos on FB if you want to look at them!

  4. Oh yea!!! I am so excited for them! What amazing, awesome news. Love it.


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