Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Snow

Wood is stacked.

Hay's in the barn.

Dressed for success.

Let it snow.

(It almost never snowed where we grew up (twice in our lives), so when we hear it might snow, we get prepared!)


  1. Yippeeee! I love looking at the snow more than I like being in it!!! (which is why I live in California!) Beautiful photos!

  2. Looks like you have everything ready to go TJ! Nice job!! Have fun in the snow out there!!

  3. I love your hay storage, I'm jealous.
    Question: Is the bottle for Mark?


  4. Of course Dan. LOL. That man needs his milk. No meat for him! Seriously though, it is for a little heifer that Eric bought for Johanna that somehow ended up in my barn. Her name is Clover.

  5. Fun!! I love that picture of you all ready to go out!! That IS a huge bottle! Dan cracks me up, with his comment, ha ha ha!

  6. awesome photos and memories...

  7. That's great--you're going out in the cold feeding Johanna's calf? Funny how that works. I love your get up. I'll have to post one soon of me in mine. I think you win in the fashion department.

    Beautiful ranch!


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